Friday, January 22, 2010

For Today - January 22, 2010 - Friday

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It's been over a month since I've updated the blog. So much has happened & so much yet to happen. The biggest thing is that we are moving tomorrow! To the little red cabin in the 1 acre wood, surrounded by hundreds of acres of woods and/or pasture. Yay!!!! We have been busy packing & painting & meeting the contractor & redoing two if the rooms & transplanting 10 year old rose bushes, etc., etc., etc.! That's why I haven't blogged. Plus we're still on dial-up, but not for long! Yay!

So - here's today's journal entry. I'm promising myself I WILL get this updated and will start a blog about the cozy cabin in the woods!

Outside My Window . . .it is dark. Some plants are gone as last week we moved a lot of them to the cozy cabin in the woods. Lots of disarray, too. The greenhouse has been taken down & *stuff* from it is scattered in the yard. It really looks quite ugly out there.

I am hearing
. . . it's quiet right now except for Shiloh drinking/slurping out of the toilet!

I Am Wearing. . . khaki cargo pants, brown tee-shirt, brown faux suede jacket & soft, pink scarf. The t-shirt is v-neck & there's a slight chill in the house & I can't stand to have my neck cold. BTW - chilly house is because we like to sleep in a very, very cool house!

I Am Thinking. . . . that it's getting right down to it! Am I ready? It doesn't matter - - - it's happening anyway!

I am wondering
. . . How long a person can go without a good night's sleep? Hubby & I have been getting 3.5 - 4 hours/night. I think hubby will get 5 hours tonight.

I Am Grateful
. . . for my life & the way God has orchestrated it. "When you can't see His hand, trust His heart". . . Yes.

From the kitchen
. . . A few dishes left unpacked. Blue/white thrift store plates, bowls, cups & saucer are on a yellow checkered place-mat. There needs to be order in at least one place! What else? Canned chili for hubby; sardines for me. There's something so very wrong about eating sardines 9:15 at night for dinner. That happened only once!

I am going
. . . to continue packing. Ha! That was the update for December 11, too! We've been married over 40 years & I've done ALL the packing by myself. And we have interests. Mine include photography, scrap-booking, quilting, gardening & decorating. These interests all have their various accumulation of *stuff*!

I am reading
. . . Nothing much at the time!

I am hoping
. . . the move goes rather smoothly.

Around the house
. . . boxes, and more boxes! And some more!

One of my favorite things
. . . The love that's been showered on me. Murray would NOT have repainted the cabin if it were not for me. Don't get me wrong: it was very clean & neat. . . just no colors that I want to live in/with. So he's painted. And painted. And painted some more on the premise that it's easier to paint a house while it's empty.

Kevin came & moved plants for almost 4 solid days! And Murray too. But Kevin did a lot of it himself. I know Kevin did it because of his love for him dad & me. He There's no other reason. He also brought us a lot of fireworks to celebrate the new house! Woot! He left firecrackers with us to use to keep stray dogs away from the house. Much better for me than shooting *at* them.

Amanda has fed us several times, having us over for delicious home-cooked meals. Man! She can cook! Yay!!!!! She's supplying supper for the gang of us tonight & lunch tomorrow for us & all our volunteers! Her hubby put 2nd coat of paint in our new bedroom. This is after painting their own house & moving Christmas week.

Simon, Ericka & kids are coming today. Ericka's been a good encourager for me when I've been overwhelmed. Oldest grandson is taking off 2 days of work to help with the move. Oldest grand daughter will help cleaning the old house.

Oh - and Tim & Christiy loaded a 26 foot moving truck with our yard stuff: concrete bird feeders, plant stands, lawn furniture, etc. They really worked. And they really must love us. Why else would they work so hard & during their Christmas holiday? Christiy took apart the 60+ year swing set by herself! Woot! She is such a good problem solver!

Things I'm Going To Do:
Continue packing; Take donation to Good Sam; Make appointment for mom to be fitted with a hearing aid. Her hearing has gotten so very much worse the last year. No hope for the nerve-damaged right ear, but hopefully will improve hearing in her left.

Something you may not know about me . . . When I go days/weeks with little sleep I get so tired that I cry & throw up. I'm just sayin'. . .

About Today Photo
: I'm re-posting a picture I took of our current living room, my favorite room in this house. First it was our bedroom, then our dining room & finally our living room. It's been my favorite room for the 12+ years we've lived here. I will miss this room.