Tuesday, April 27, 2010

For Today - April 27, 2010 - Tuesday

Outside My Window. . .It is once again sunny & cool. Cowboys next to us are rounding up some cattle to *go for a ride* in the back of a trailer.

I Am Hearing
. . .Lots of yee-hawing going on! And cows mooing. And birds chirping.

I Am Wearing . . .Chenille robe, sox, overcoat & knitted scarf around me neck. I'll just stay in these until it warms up a bit. If I got dressed now, I'd have to change before long anyway!

I Am Thinking . . .I really don't like "Robin's Egg" blue on the porch ceiling. I requested "Crystal Palace". Hubby thought it was too light & brought home the other.

I Am Wondering
. . . If hubby will come home w/some white paint to tone down the intensity of what we have.

I Am Grateful
. . . that the little dog started eating again. True - it's canned dog food instead of dry, but at least she's eating.

From The Kitchen . . . Oatmeal w/cinnamon & apples; buttered toast & hot tea.

I Am Going. . . to explain about the porch paint. Yesterday I wrote I was going to the store to buy some. BUT the paint master wasn't there, so later in the day I IM'ed hubby to bring home some "Crystal Palace". I'm pretty sure I said it was his decision as to what size can he brought home: either a sample size or gallon. He thought I said it was his decision to choose the color.

I Am Reading
. . . nada

I Am Hoping
. . .that I can paint today. . .

Around The House
. . . There is a mirror to hang in the dining room. And *stuff* for me to go through in the center hall. We really need to think of another name for it, but haven't come up with one!

One Of My Favorite Things
. . . A stay-at-home day!

Something You May Not Know About Me
. . . Yesterday I wrote, "I have no idea what color to paint the front doors." Well sheesh, if we're gonna' keep the ceiling "Robin Egg's Blue" we might as well paint the doors pumpkin orange to go w/the red walls! Yeah - I'm being sarcastic. How could you tell?

Today's Photo
. . . An accidental kitchen window olfactory still life: big juicy, citrusy smelling fresh lemon, old fashioned, aromatic rose that got moved by youngest son in January, & Palmolive dish detergent in blue bottle. My mom used Palmolive when I was growing up. It has a nice, clean memory-filled fragrance! And it was the cheapest at the Dollar Store.

The brain cannot accurately remember color - but it's perfect at recalling smells.

Monday, April 26, 2010

For Today - April 26, 2010 - Monday

Outside My Window. . .Sunny & very cool!!!! The porch is clean & waiting for me to start painting.

I Am Hearing . . .Birds chirping. They are very vocal this morning.

I Am Wearing
. . .Velour pants, cuddle dud shirt, turtleneck shirt, velou vest, faux leather jacket, waling shoes, and knitted scarf. Yes, it's cold. Yes - I'm getting ready to leave the house.

I Am Thinking
. . .My mom probably misses humor. She was here yesterday & did a lot of teasing. It makes sense - she was the youngest of a very large family. Only 3 girls & a lot of brothers. I'm thinking she misses good-natured kidding.

I Am Wondering . . . that the little dog is sick? Or jealous? She's not eaten her last two meals. Is she pouting because we don't let her in the house? We really need an outdoor dog & she looks mighty comfy sleeping on the wicker love-seat out on the porch! Or is she sick?

I Am Grateful. . . that mama is so enraptured with my husband. Apparently he can do no wrong. Better than complaining about him, I guess!

From The Kitchen
. . . A warm teapot & lots of leftovers in the fridge. Maybe the kids will come for supper tonight?

I Am Going
. . . to the store to buy porch paint. A very light blue...a cross between Robin's egg & Sky blues. This is a very traditional porch ceiling color on old houses. It also keeps the wasps from building nests on the ceiling. Of course it doesn't keep them from getting into the attic.

I Am Reading
. . . The Southern Living Garden Book & "Southern Shade"

I Am Hoping. . .
that my back & neck don't *give out* on me while painting the ceiling. I have osteoporosis in my neck & several bones are completely dissolved. Combine that with the fact that most women don't have a lot of upper body strength & - - - well, it might take me quite a while to get it painted!

Around The House
. . . There's a load of laundry waiting for me to take to the laundry room!

One Of My Favorite Things
. . . Clean laundry. I forgot to mention that yesterday when I talked about the smell of *clean*. Add clean laundry to the list!

Something You May Not Know About Me . . . I have no idea what color to paint the front doors.

Today's Photo
. . .is not my photo. I wish I knew who to give credit to. Anyway - I first saw this at a nearby hamburger joint, Legends. It made me smile years ago & it still makes me smile! I'm halfway tempted to laminate a copy of this & post it to the front gate. :) Not really. . . .

Sunday, April 25, 2010

For Today - April 25, 2010 - Sunday

Outside My Window. . .It's still dark 'cause it's only 5 AM. The porch is CLEAN. Hubby power-washed it yesterday & *oh my* what a difference it makes. The most exciting part to me is that the 7 porch posts, which were painted dark brown, are now their lovely wood selves. We're no experts at identifying woods but are guessing one is cedar & the others are pine? Son-in-law is much better at this type of thing, so we'll ask him next time he comes. Tomorrow or Tuesday we'll seal the posts w/a low luster sealer & I'll get busy painting the porch...no more pink!

I Am Hearing
. . .Clocks ticking

I Am Wearing
. . .Velour robe

I Am Thinking
. . .that way too many people are more than willing to turn their backs on USA citizens and their rights and are more interested in the perceived rights of criminals.

I Am Wondering
. . . how they become that way? How does a person become more interested in the welfare of people who knowingly, deliberately break the law than in the right of good, honest, hard-working Americans? Hmmm?

I Am Grateful
. . . that dearest daughter and her hubby are safely home.

From The Kitchen
. . . There's a fantastic pot roast, carrots & potatoes waiting to go into the oven for Sunday afternoon dinner, when we get home from church.

I Am Going
. . . to enjoy today.

I Am Reading . . . Texas Code

I Am Hoping . . .For a snit-free day!

Around The House . . . Quiet.

One Of My Favorite Things . . . The smell of clean in all its forms. Not soap, not perfume, not fabric softener. Clean. Just clean. Clean hubby, clean bathroom, clean floors, clean air after a rain, & clean clean babies! I like the smell of *clean*.

Something You May Not Know About Me
. . . I haven't seen "Titanic", at all, nor "Avatar", and no desire to

Today's Photo
. . .is a crinum bloom. My dear hubby moved the plant to the new home. This photo was taken years ago. And it will be years before it blooms again because it really likes to be buried deep. Rally deep & the bulbs & root mass are huge. I hope I get to see it bloom again!

Friday, April 23, 2010

For Today - April 23, 2010 - Friday

Outside My Window. . .It's cloudy.

I Am Hearing . . .Cars driving by & birds chirping. The Chickadees are particularly vocal today!

I Am Wearing . . .Khaki Cargo pants, orange t-shirt & sox.

I Am Thinking . . .that my headache/pressure is caused because of changing barometric pressure? We are in a tornado watch through Saturday!

I Am Wondering . . . If the little black dog will be happy being mainly an outdoor dog? of course not during tornadoes!

I Am Grateful
. . . That she is still here!

From The Kitchen . . . Lots of grapefruit & different teas. I went to the health food store yesterday since it was produce day & picked up several teas.

I Am Going
. . . to do stay home today! I might even iron some clothes. What's up w/that?

I Am Reading
. . Once again - nada.

I Am Hoping . . .My head/eyes start feeling better.

Around The House
. . . The smell of citrus and roses! Might as well bring in the blossoms before strong winds blow the away!

One Of My Favorite Thing
s . . . To be schedule free!

Something You May Not Know About Me . . . At night I think of that one thing I haven't yet written about - - - but now can't remember it!

Today's Photo . . .A shelf in the living room, filled with things special to us.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

For Today - April 22. 2010 - Thursday

Outside My Window. . .It's once again chilly & cloudy, with the sun peeking out! Yay!

I Am Hearing . . .Cars driving by & birds chirping...a cacophony of birds.

I Am Wearing . . .Pants, shirt, sox & a heavy knitted scarf around my neck.

I Am Thinking . . .That I would like to do as my friends Vici & Susan have suggested & at least one time do unto a human as they have done to dogs: dump them!! "...People who do this ought to be abandoned out in the middle of nowhere with nothing to help them." "Just one time I'd like for a dog to be driving the truck and dump the human out in the middle of nowhere and see how they liked it!! Poor dogs" Yes, once again we have stray dogs. This is five since December :(

I Am Wondering . . . If the little black dog with white *boots* will stay. It's appearing she may be in the process of adopting us!

I Am Grateful
. . . That she gets along well with Shiloh.

From The Kitchen . . . Hot tea.

I Am Going
. . . to do errands today: bank deposits; a tiny bit of shopping @ the dollar store & health food store; take hubby's glasses to the optical shop; & stop by mama's for a visit.

I Am Reading
. . Once again - nada.

I Am Hoping . . .That if the little dog is not going to be ours - - - that she would just leave. Now. Her two sibs came into the yard today. . . . I shooed them away, opened the house door & Shiloh & the female scooted right in. Maybe this was her choice? Maybe she has chosen us for her new pack? Maybe it's too early. We'll gie it a week or two before spending much money on her.

Around The House
. . . Floors are clean; two bedroom pix are finally hung; and my girlie (lavender) tool kit got cleaned out!

One Of My Favorite Thing
s . . . To be schedule free!
Something You May Not Know About Me . . . Although I live in the country & have no nearby neighbors, I do live on a busy road. Real busy.

Today's Photo . . .

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For Today - April 21, 2010 - Wednesday

Outside My Window. . .Little blue chips of Rubbermaid on the porch. Yes - the squirrel has discovered where we store the bird seed. :(

I am hearing. . .Clocks ticking & morning traffic & birds chirping & Shiloh sighing.

I Am Wearing
. . .Pants, shirt, sweat shirt, house slippers & a scarf around my neck. Yep - it's that cool!

I Am Thinking . . .It's I Don't Wanna Wednesday. I don't wanna' go into town to run errands.

I am wondering . . . How Cayla is doing. . .?

I Am Grateful
. . . That daughter & her hubby are having a grand time.

From the kitchen . . . Hot tea & shadows

I am going
. . . to sort through the things in the center hall. The dining room is just about done. I think I'm going to redo a framed mirror. . . it's way too gold. Just smearing on some flat white paint on it might do the trick. There's still things to put away in there but I don't have any inspiration right now. . . . so the few remaining things will just sit until I know where they go. They will tell me. They always do.

I am reading
. . about squirrel proof feeders at Wild Birds Unlimited

I am hoping . . .That Cayla is doing well.

Around the house
. . . There is no sense in sweeping the floors late in the day, as hubby, dog & I bring in plenty of dirt! In fact, I'm beginning to think it doesn't make any sense at all to EVER sweep the floors!

One of my favorite thing
s . . . Cool mornings & warm days!

Today's Photo: Good Kitchen Morning

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

For Today - April 20, 2010 - Tuesday

Outside My Window. . .Sunny & cool/warm. It's warm outside & cool inside ;)

I am hearing. . .Clocks ticking & evening traffic which consists of cars, tractors, logging trucks & diesel pickup trucks & school buses.

I Am Wearing
. . .Velour pants, sweatshirt over a t-shirt & walking shoes.

I Am Thinking . . .That my goal is to live a simple life, according to my values.

I am wondering . . . What I'm gonna' do w/all this stuff, once the rooms are set-up & decorated? I think there will be much left over.

I Am Grateful
. . . That knee is back to normal.

From the kitchen . . . Soft fried potatoes & poached eggs. We didn't eat them last night because I forgot to first bake the potatoes!

I am going
. . . to fold two loads of clothes & pot up an azalea & hydrangea.

I am reading
. . And article about suffering.

I am hoping . . .to be prepared for suffering when it comes. "In the world you will have tribulation" is the one promise we all are sure to experience.

Around the house
. . . It always needs a good, hard sweeping!

One of my favorite thing
s . . . Living a simple life of contentment.

Something you may not know about me . . . I make really good ice tea!

Today's Photo. ... One end of the dining/computer/reading room.

Monday, April 19, 2010

For Today - April 29, 2010 - Monday

Outside My Window. . .30+ feet of gravel & brick pathway! It is chilly today. And dreary.

I am hearing. . .Clocks ticking & me typing

I Am Wearing
. . .jeans & shirt.

I Am Thinking . . . that at least I still recover/heal quickly!

I am wondering . . . When I will finish this dining/computer/reading room????

I Am Grateful
. . . That the right knee is 85% better than yesterday.

From the kitchen . . . Plans for soft fried potatoes & poached eggs. I wish Judy would call me with her fabulous potato soup recipe 'cause I'd fix that instead!

I am going
. . . fix supper & continue in the dining room.

I am reading
. . .Tara Dillard's books! I own them all & go over them time & time again.

I am hoping
. . .for an uneventful evening.

Around the house
. . . Needing a good sweeping/vacuuming.

One of my favorite thing
s . . . Stray dogs staying out of my yard! We have 3 that have been coming into the yard. Two very little cute & perky black ones & one not-so-cute mangy black one who walks with his tail tucked & looks very scared & insecure. He's the one who ran beneath the kitchen steps last evening. All three of them finally left . . .but came back today. I am not pleased.

Something you may not know about me . . . I'm not fond of squirrels & am not humored by their antics.

Today's Photo. .Paths of Love
Yes, I am married to a Super Hero! This 30-35' stretch of path is 2" deep & about 4' wide & equals 1 ton (2000#) of gravel. He shoveled it, hauled it & spread it. And dug up the bricks from around the property. In 6 - 7 hours. And was able to move the next morning! And will be 60 this year!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

For Today - April 18, 2010 - Sunday

Outside My Window. . .The beginnings of a gravel pathway. About 30 feet are already done & all it took was a ton, yes 2000 pounds, of gravel! It is edged w/old brick that is on the property. . . lots and lots of old brick. We're doing it Tara Dillard's way. . .The 30 or so feet already look as if it's been here forever.

There's also white azaleas blooming, irises & roses. Remember those roses we moved back in January? Most of them are blooming or have buds on them!

I am hearing. . .Birds: songbirds & a crow. Ad go barking in the distance. And the faint sound of TV golf. Which means one thing - it's Sunday afternoon & hubby is napping in front of the TV. Nothing can lull us to sleep faster than a round of golf! :)

I Am Wearing
. .Flannel pajamas & a velour robe. It is Sunday afternoon & I wrecked my knee yesterday. It's chilly outside, so I'm dressed for bed. At 5 PM. :)

I Am Thinking . . . that 60 is not the new 40. I don't care what they say - at best it's 60!

I am wondering . . . If knee will be better tomorrow. I've always healed/recovered pretty quickly. I hope that's still true. You wonder what happened to my knee? While it's true hubby shoveled & hauled all 2000 pounds of gravel by himself, I decided to help by carrying heavy pot plants by myself. I was careful to use my legs . . . & apparently used my knees more than hips & thighs!

I Am Grateful
. . . For slow steady rain today. It makes it much easier to stay inside & stay off my feed, giving that knee a chance to mend. And gives the gravel pathway a chance to "settle in"

From the kitchen . . . Roasted chicken, potato salad, green beans, deviled eggs, crescent rolls & ice tea. Everything except the chicken was made yesterday & hubby picked up chicken from the store on his way home from church.

I am going
. . . to putter in the dining/computer/ready room. Nothing serious - just *piddle*.

I am reading
. . .Tara Dillard's books! I own them all & go over them time & time again.

I am hoping
. . .that knee quickly mends.

Around the house
. . . The telltale signs that we did yard work yesterday. Yep - leaves & dirt. In the house. In. The. House.

One of my favorite thing
s . . . The blending/blurring of indoors/outdoors.

Something you may not know about me . . . I still haven't unpacked summer clothes. A darn good thing as it's plum chilly today!

Today's Photo. . .

Above my stove. No exhaust fan, just treasures & necessities. If we need to air out the kitchen we open the kitchen windows & door!

Friday, April 16, 2010

For Today - April 16, 2010 - Friday

Outside My Window . . . Cool & damp, w/20% chance of rain.

I am hearing. . .Birds & squirrel eating from the bird feeder posted right outside the window.

I Am Wearing
. .Robe

I Am Thinking . . . I don't want UPS to just drop off packages today. One is from target.com....& I'm refusing it. A very long story . . . but I am unhappy w/them right now.

I am wondering
. . . If there's any way to get rid of squirrels w/o scaring off the birds?

I Am Grateful. . . I get to stay home today.

From the kitchen . . . Perfection. The kitchen is clean . . . not a dish in the drainer or a thing out of place.

I am going
. . . To redo some of the dining/computer/reading room. Amanda & an online friend have made a couple of suggestions & I'm going to try them today.

I am reading
. . .Nothing!

I am hoping . . .to play house (dining/computer/reading room) & play in the dirt (outside). Oh & do one load of clothes.

Around the house
. . . A feeling of home. . . this house really feels like home

One of my favorite things . . . Birds chirping & cows mooing.

Something you may not know about me . . . I seldom turn on the TV or radio and never in the morning. I like to hear the birds & cows! :)

About Today's Photo
. . . It's been suggested that I get rid of the file boxes from the top of the wardrobe. Will replace w/nature stuff. . . .

Thursday, April 15, 2010

For Today - April 15, 2010 - Thursday

Outside My Window . . . Cool & damp, w/sun peeking out from the clouds every now & again.

I am hearing. . .Cars, birds, squirrels eating at the platform feeder.

I Am Wearing . .Pants, denim shirt, neck scarf & shoes!

I Am Thinking . . . I have lots of errands today. This is a pain in the patootie. . . I am a home body & running around town is not my cup of tea.

I am wondering . . . what's up w/mama's phone. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. But not when I'm around. Intermittently acts up, but not when I can maybe help.

I Am Grateful. . . Daughter & her hubby stopped by last night.

From the kitchen . . . Hot tea, and lots of citrus. Lots - ten pounds worth!

I am going . . . To run errands. Some for Good Samaritan (several in fact); some for mom; & some for me.

I am reading . . .Nothing - am too busy to read!
I am hoping . . .to play outside today when I get home.

Around the house . . . Basic orderliness & tidiness. Could stand to be dusted. And the floors need tending to again. Leaves & tassels come in w/dogs & people
One of my favorite things . . . Having my daughter & her hubby live close enough to stop by.

Something you may not know about me
. . . I still haven't unpacked my summer clothes.

Today's Photo. . . Before/After pix of the cabin's kitchen. You can read more about it here

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

For Today - April 14, 2010 - Wednesday

Outside My Window . . . It is chilly, the sun is coming up & it's an all-around beautiful morning!

I am hearing
. . .Birds. . . & more birds! "jimmy, jimmy, jimmy, jimmy, jimmy" (always 5) & "judy, judy, judy" (always a3) I *think* it's the Tufted Titmouse.

I Am Wearing . .Pants, denim shirt, neck scarf & shoes!

I Am Thinking . . . I really want to get the smaller azaleas potted up today.

I am wondering . . . If I will ever be able to identify the birds here by their call . . .

I Am Grateful. . . For birds, sunshine & crickets chirping in the evening.

From the kitchen
. . . Hot tea, sunshine & shadows!

I am going
. . . To tend to the floors, inside and on porch! And work outside today. Yes, there's much to do inside - - - but I'll worry about that tomorrow.

I am reading . . .Birding websites.

I am hoping . . .to play outside today!

Around the house . . . Floors need tending to & much to still put away from the move. . . .

One of my favorite things . . . The sounds of nature. Birds, crickets, cattle lowing at night. Even coyotes howling. Even squirrels scampering in the yard. I'm not a big fan of rodents, but I enjoy hearing the squirrels.

I love it all. Oh - and listening to leaves rustling because of the wind blowing through the trees.

Something you may not know about me . . . I'm thinking of buying a bat house. Did you know they can eat 600 mosquitoes per hour? Impressive!

Today's Photo. . . There isn't one - but here is where you can see more of my Cub Scouting 60th birthday weekend!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

For Today - April 13, 2010 - Tuesday

Outside My Window . . . It is chilly, the sun is coming up & it's an all-around beautiful morning!

I am hearing. . .Birds & cars. And acorns and/or gumballs falling on the metal roof.

I Am Wearing. . . Chenille robe & neck scarf. It is chilly in the house. We slept w/all the windows open. I will soon close them, to trap the cold air in the house. At least that's the plan.

I Am Thinking
. . . That I really like the lighting in the cabin. Right now there's a shadow of the chair on the window screen & on the window sill are shadows from lace table cloth! Light, shadows & reflections abound in the morning. How cool is that? No - not getting up to snap a pix. Not today.
I am wondering . . . When friend Debby will be out of surgery. She is having complete knee replacement surgery today. In one knee. Her hubby is to text or call when she is out of surgery. . .

I Am Grateful. . . for paint! And flowers! And Spring time in Texas! And open windows! And slamming screen doors. And a washer & a dryer not in the kitchen!

From the kitchen . . . Hot tea.

I am going . . . to finish unpacking & continue w/laundry. Maybe paint some of the exterior trim. It was a peachy beige. . . now will be crisp white against the red cabin. Gonna' love it!

I am reading . . .Nada.

I am hoping . . . Debby will be fine & has a quick recovery.

Around the house
. . . Still some gentle reminders of the past weekend. Others might call them messes!

One of my favorite things . . . Sleeping w/open windows & waking up with/to the birds singing.

Something you may not know about me . . . Oh - just ask 'cause I can't think of a thing!

Today's Photo
. . . A shot of the fancy shmancy camper. At night. Still practicing that night-time, no flash thingey.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Outside My Window . . . White azaleas & blue hydrangeas waiting to be put into the ground. Sunny w/the slightest of breezes.

I am hearing
. . .Birds chirping, squirrels scampering. And a car driving by every now & again.

I Am Wearing. . . pants, t-shirt & walking shoes.

I Am Thinking. . . . how much I love Springtime in east Texas

I am wondering
. . . How much I'll get done today.

I Am Grateful. . . for this past weekend. I celebrated my 60th birthday camping with my daughter-in-law, the two youngest grandchildren, & hubby. Oh. . . and lots and lots of Cub Scouts! My daughter & her hubby were able to come up for the day. I so very much love my family & love nature so this was the perfect birthday celebration for me!

From the kitchen
. . . A few dishes in the sink.

I am going
. . . to finish unpacking & do some laundry.

I am reading
. . .about Engless summer Hydrangea & Autumn Moonlight Azales. This is the first time I've had enough shade to grow either!

I am hoping
. . . It won't be too difficult planting them where I'm pretty sure there are tree roots. :(

Around the house
. . . Gentle reminders of the past weekend. Others might call them messes!

One of my favorite things . . . Family & nature. It's the best!

Something you may not know about me . . . I got to sleep in a fancy smancy camper this weekend!

Today's Photo
Forrest, the Den Chief of grandson's Weblo den. He did a marvelous job. A real self-motivated 17 year old, who has read the Federalist Papers. I didn't know there even was a 17 year old who's read them! And he whittles too!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

For Today - April 7, 2010 - Wednesday

Outside My Window . . . It's cloudy & still. Kinda' cool,too. Forecast for rain. Oh! And oak tree tassels, or whatever they're called. They are everywhere!

I am hearing
. . .Birds. A variety of birds. They're not singing & wildly chirping . . . just a quiet little chortle.

I Am Wearing. . . pants, t-shirt & walking shoes.

I Am Thinking. . . . If it rains, I might take a nap.

I am wondering . . . Who, what, when, where & how.

I Am Grateful
. . . for the volunteers & donations from individuals & churches to Good Sam.

From the kitchen . . . A few dishes in the sink.

I am going . . . to sweep & vacuum. Those oak leaf tassels are all over the floors!

I am reading
. . . The insurance policy for Good Sam.

I am hoping . . . to get a lot of little things done today. You know how they can eat at you. . .?

Around the house . . . Those darn old oak tassels, thingies!

One of my favorite things
. . . Solitude. Plus the internet!

Something you may not know about me . . . I haven't yet unpacked my warm weather clothes. I'm not quite sure where they are!

Today's Photo Autumn Angel Encore azalea. Will they really grow only 3'? At the other house, everything grew monster size.

To fine out about Encore Azaleas go to their website. How wonderful to have them bloom several times a year instead of those measly 3 weeks in the Spring like most other Azaleas! http://www.encoreazalea.com/

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For Today - April 6, 2010 - Tuesday

Outside My Window . . . It is sunny & breezy. . . as it's almost 4 PM!

I am hearing. . .Wind blowing through the trees; wind chimes ringing & birds chirping.

I Am Wearing
. . . fleece pants, t-shirt & walking shoes.

I Am Thinking. . . . It's too late to take a nap. I didn't get much sleep last night. Maybe I'll just go ahead a sleep 11 hours every other day?

I am wondering
. . . What I'm going to fix for supper.

I Am Grateful
. . . to have taken the time to take mama to the Azalea Trail. It was a nice visit together and I also got to run some errands while in the city.

From the kitchen
. . . It is clean. Not much else to say about it.

I am going . . . to post a photo of Amanda & David, since she mentioned she hopes I post some pix from Easter.

I am reading
. . . Nothing right now, but I did reread a book about Tasha Tudor last night. Her gardens are inspiring & the photography is enviable!

I am hoping . . . to faithfully blog at cozylittlecabin.blogspot.com. It's about discovering, down-sizing & decorating our dream home: a cozy little cabin! At first I thought it was a cottage, but then I looked at cottage blogs & they are way to "frou-frou" for us. We are far from being minimalists as we do like our home to reflect our interests, and we have many, but we don't care for every nook & cranny to be filled with stuff. I'm not yet certain there's an interest out there for our type of life/living. I'll try it for a while and see what happens.

Around the house
. . . A breeze blowing through the house. Azaleas waiting for me to pot them up.

One of my favorite things
. . . A Godly, loving, undemanding husband!

Something you may not know about me . . . I collect picture frames. I am obsessive about frames & have an excessive amount of them. Whenever I find an old frame @ a resale store, I buy it, regardless of the picture or the size. I have a reason for this: framed mirrors are usually rather expensive, especially the large ones. So - I buy nice frames, knowing I can always fit it with a mirror. It's so much less expensive, doing it this way. But I have too many. Way, way too many. I'll have to count them . . . and I've already gotten rid of some :)

Today's Photos Amanda & David; Amanda & my Mom.

Monday, April 5, 2010

For Today - April 5, 2010 - Monday

Outside My Window . . . It's cool & damp, which is nothing new - I do live in east TX & the closest major city to me is in Louisiana, not in Texas!

I am hearing. . . Two clocks ticking & crickets chirping. Oh, and a chorus of coyotes. Nearby. Really close. I don't like it...at all. Not at all. Can you believe it? I just let Shiloh out, as he was barking up a storm at the coyotes. They shut up! All of them! Our lazy old bear of a dog quieted a pack of coyotes! Impressive, Shiloh!

I Am Wearing. . . pajama bottoms & a t-shirt.

I Am Thinking. . . . I am blessed among women. Even though oldest son and his family were unable to come & we missed them immensely, yesterday was a good, good Easter. My mom, only daughter & her hubby, and two friends from the seminary were here to help celebrate. But it would have been more fun with the others here. . . we didn't do an egg hunt without them!

I am wondering . . . What I would be like if I always got a good night's sleep! I slept for about almost 11 hours last night. I laid down for a nap about 4:30 PM & woke up at 4 AM. This is quite a phenomenal event in my life as I usually get 3 - 6 hours sleep per night.

I Am Grateful. . . that I get to celebrate Easter everyday! Not just one day a year.

From the kitchen
. . . It is clean. Dear hubby washed, by hand, all the dirty dishes from Easter dinner. Of course the sweets & potato pot, etc., were washed on Saturday. I'm learning to cook more & more like my mom: doing as much the day before as possible. Even so, there were a lot of dishes to wash & he did them! I've already put them all away this morning. . .

I am going . . . to do some paperwork for Good Samaritan, regarding FEMA, & straighten out my own paperwork!

I am reading . . . My camera's manual. I've had the camera about 5 years & have never ready the manual from cover to cover. I've only read snippets at a time.

I am hoping . . . to learn how to photograph a black & a white person together. Either one or the other is properly exposed . . . I can't do both at the same time.

Around the house . . . Quietness, now that Shiloh has hushed the pack of coyotes. This is so hilarious to me as he is such a lazy dog. I guess he ran outside barking, ticked off that they were disturbing his sleep? Funny old dog!

One of my favorite things
. . . My life. I'm glad I don't have to live anyone else's life. Mine is just fine. For me. Most likely not too good for you! ;)

Something you may not know about me
. . . I live in a house made entirely of wood...even the walls. Some are so old we believe they are petrified. Really. I'm not joking - we think the oldest walls in the house may be petrified!

Today's photo

At first I thought this photo was a technical dud, but a photography friend said, and I quote him, "there is something very cinematic about it......I like that the action is blurry and the foreground is focused.....very compelling" Anyway - it makes me smile, whether it's a dud or if it's compelling. The man with his head thrown back in laughter is KI, who is from Ghana & is attending seminary in east TX. We were laughing about the fact that he & his wife, also from Ghana, were driven to the hospital by his Czech friend, to have their twin boys delivered by an Egyptian doctor.

It's a small world, isn't it???

Saturday, April 3, 2010

For Today - April 3, 2010 - Saturday

Outside My Window . . . It's cool & damp with a list misty fog. It drizzled during the night & I can hear the rain dripping on the leaves. It was great weather for sleeping in late.

I am hearing. . . The birds are waking up and chirping, & singing & calling to one another...in stereo. From one side of the house to the other, a the birds are calling one another. I'm also hearing the birds nibbling the birdseed from the feeder outside the window.

In the far distance a gun shot. Back behind the cabin a cow mooing & a car coming up the side road.

I Am Wearing. . . khaki cargo pants & turquoise t-shirt, a brown suede-like jacket & a neck scarf.

I Am Thinking. . . . I may have stumbled upon my Aunt Leona's, whom I always called Aunt Loney, sugar cookie recipe. Peggy M., from church, makes the BEST teacake cookies that tastes an awful lot like Aunt L's sugar cookies. I know the brain can't accurately remember color, but it does accurately recall smells. I don't know about taste - do we remember it exactly? I'll ask mama tomorrow what she thinks about the taste & texture of Peggy's teacake cookie.

I am wondering . . . If KI & his family will be able to come tomorrow. They had twin boys delivered by c-section 8 days ago...they may do better staying at home. Maybe we can just deliver an Easter meal to their home?

I Am Grateful. . . That Amanda is feeling so much better. I really thought I'd be taking her back to the doctor on Monday...but she was feeling better yesterday. You can tell just by looking at her...there wasn't that look of pain in her eyes.

From the kitchen . . . The smell of coffee. I usually drink hot tea but I'm planning to make red-eye gravy to go with tomorrow's ham & it calls for coffee! I was born & raised in Texas, but don't know I've every eaten red-eye gravy. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I am going
. . . to make the Pioneer Woman's decadent mashed potatoes for tomorrow. She points out they're easy to reheat so I'll just make them today! And her Pineapple Upside-Down cake. . . I like doing as much ahead of time that I can!

I am reading . . . Nada

I am hoping . . . I get much done today.

Around the house . . . The house is covered with a fine yellow dust-like substance, but it's not really dust. It's pollen. Lots of it. More than I remember every seeing before. Of course I never lived in the trees before, either! The funny thing about it is this: my husband's allergies & sinuses have not been at all bothering him! Maybe a little was a bother but a lot is a homeopathic type of remedy? :)

One of my favorite things . . . Today.

Something you may not know about me . . . I can't think of a single thing you might not know about me! So if you want to know something - - - you'll have to ask!

Today's photo Peggy M's teacake cookies. Yes, they are yummy!

Friday, April 2, 2010

For Today - April 2, 2010 - Friday

Outside My Window . . . It's cool & damp w/a 10% chance of rain. And a cacophony of birds singing & calling to one another. There is no need to turn on the TV or radio.

I am hearing. . . Chickadees, Titmouse, Cardinals, Mockingbirds, Crows, Sparrows & little house wrens. And a Woodpecker.

I Am Wearing
. . . khaki cargo pants & black t-shirt

I Am Thinking. . . . I want another cuppa tea.

I am wondering . . . What time DD will come here.

I Am Grateful
. . . that DD spent most of yesterday here at the house while her hubby worked on his dissertation. We made tea cake cookies & dyed Easter eggs. Plus she LOVES our wireless internet & was able to update her blogs & do other internet stuff!

It was a very good day.

From the kitchen . . . Peggy's Tea Cake Cookie dough in the freezer to bake more today. They remind me so very much of my Aunt Leona's sugar cookies. Happy memories.

I am going . . . to bake more of those tea cake cookies & try to determine how to place the 2nd dining room table in the much smaller dining room. Hmmmm

I am reading
. . . Nada

I am hoping
. . . that daughter is feeling some better & will once again enjoy her day here.

Around the house . . . Plastic Easter eggs & candy. Not a temptation for me. The tea cakes, however . . . . are a completely different story!

One of my favorite things
. . . Having family nearby.

Something you may not know about me . . . I'm spending my 60th birthday camping. With the Cub Scouts. My life is very good. It's the PERFECT celebration for me. Oh - & I get to sleep in the camper, in the queen size bed! The men & boys will do tent camping. I'm glad for the camper!

Today's photo Easter Eggs in the refrigerator. I don't like flash photography, much preferring available light. I never thought to use the light from the refrigerator!!!!!