Monday, April 19, 2010

For Today - April 29, 2010 - Monday

Outside My Window. . .30+ feet of gravel & brick pathway! It is chilly today. And dreary.

I am hearing. . .Clocks ticking & me typing

I Am Wearing
. . .jeans & shirt.

I Am Thinking . . . that at least I still recover/heal quickly!

I am wondering . . . When I will finish this dining/computer/reading room????

I Am Grateful
. . . That the right knee is 85% better than yesterday.

From the kitchen . . . Plans for soft fried potatoes & poached eggs. I wish Judy would call me with her fabulous potato soup recipe 'cause I'd fix that instead!

I am going
. . . fix supper & continue in the dining room.

I am reading
. . .Tara Dillard's books! I own them all & go over them time & time again.

I am hoping
. . .for an uneventful evening.

Around the house
. . . Needing a good sweeping/vacuuming.

One of my favorite thing
s . . . Stray dogs staying out of my yard! We have 3 that have been coming into the yard. Two very little cute & perky black ones & one not-so-cute mangy black one who walks with his tail tucked & looks very scared & insecure. He's the one who ran beneath the kitchen steps last evening. All three of them finally left . . .but came back today. I am not pleased.

Something you may not know about me . . . I'm not fond of squirrels & am not humored by their antics.

Today's Photo. .Paths of Love
Yes, I am married to a Super Hero! This 30-35' stretch of path is 2" deep & about 4' wide & equals 1 ton (2000#) of gravel. He shoveled it, hauled it & spread it. And dug up the bricks from around the property. In 6 - 7 hours. And was able to move the next morning! And will be 60 this year!

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  1. I replied to the wrong email...yes, I see the crookedness you're dealing with. I had that problem on my blog, too, but I can't remember what I did to correct it. Sorry. I don't change my blog more than once a year, so I don't really remember from time to time. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

    LOVE your gravel and cannot wait to see it!

    Love, me