Sunday, April 25, 2010

For Today - April 25, 2010 - Sunday

Outside My Window. . .It's still dark 'cause it's only 5 AM. The porch is CLEAN. Hubby power-washed it yesterday & *oh my* what a difference it makes. The most exciting part to me is that the 7 porch posts, which were painted dark brown, are now their lovely wood selves. We're no experts at identifying woods but are guessing one is cedar & the others are pine? Son-in-law is much better at this type of thing, so we'll ask him next time he comes. Tomorrow or Tuesday we'll seal the posts w/a low luster sealer & I'll get busy painting the more pink!

I Am Hearing
. . .Clocks ticking

I Am Wearing
. . .Velour robe

I Am Thinking
. . .that way too many people are more than willing to turn their backs on USA citizens and their rights and are more interested in the perceived rights of criminals.

I Am Wondering
. . . how they become that way? How does a person become more interested in the welfare of people who knowingly, deliberately break the law than in the right of good, honest, hard-working Americans? Hmmm?

I Am Grateful
. . . that dearest daughter and her hubby are safely home.

From The Kitchen
. . . There's a fantastic pot roast, carrots & potatoes waiting to go into the oven for Sunday afternoon dinner, when we get home from church.

I Am Going
. . . to enjoy today.

I Am Reading . . . Texas Code

I Am Hoping . . .For a snit-free day!

Around The House . . . Quiet.

One Of My Favorite Things . . . The smell of clean in all its forms. Not soap, not perfume, not fabric softener. Clean. Just clean. Clean hubby, clean bathroom, clean floors, clean air after a rain, & clean clean babies! I like the smell of *clean*.

Something You May Not Know About Me
. . . I haven't seen "Titanic", at all, nor "Avatar", and no desire to

Today's Photo
. . .is a crinum bloom. My dear hubby moved the plant to the new home. This photo was taken years ago. And it will be years before it blooms again because it really likes to be buried deep. Rally deep & the bulbs & root mass are huge. I hope I get to see it bloom again!

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