Thursday, October 29, 2009

For Today - October 29, 2009 - Thursday

Outside My Window. . . it's dark as I begin this entry, with the promise of rain. We've had about 7" the past 10 days & now they're predicting another 2-5 within the next 36-48 hours.

I am hearing. . . Shiloh *grooming* himself. "Stop it, Shiloh, stop licking yourself"!

I am thinking . . . that Merchant Marines should qualify for VA benefits. They are the fleet of U.S. civilian-owned merchant ships, operated by either the government or the private sector, that are engaged in commerce or transportation of goods and services in and out of the navigable waters of the United States. The Merchant Marine is responsible for transporting cargo and passengers during peace time. In time of war, the Merchant Marine is an auxiliary to the Navy, and can be called upon to deliver troops and supplies for the military. (Wikipedia)

I think they should qualify for Veterans' benefits since they served their country. But no one is asking me. . .

I am grateful . . . that mama & I went out yesterday because the weather was glorious for one day. We went to the Tyler Rose Gardens, which were exquisite as they always are this time of year. . .& again in the spring. The weather was perfect, not too hot nor cool, with a light breeze blowing. Afterward we went out to eat at Cheddars & she ordered the dinner portion of grilled catfish, rice, baby carrots, & a baked potato & she ate it ALL. She really putts away the food. . . I'm wishing I had her 88 year old metabolism!!!!

I am wondering . . . how many videos I'll get to dub today. I was unable to dub Minority Report & Mr. Holland's Opus because they're "undubbable". I'm glad they don't do this to all videos. . . . but it makes me wonder why they don't.

From the kitchen . . . Oatmeal, toast & tea.

I am going . . . to dub more videos, wash laundry, stew a chicken for lunch on Saturday (Chicken Spaghetti), send out change of address cards for mama, stay home & stay dry!

I am wearing . . . khaki cargo pants, deep purple 3/4 sleeved t-shirt & socks. I'm thinking of really thinning out my clothes. I know a woman who has "more money than God" (to quote Quisar from Steel Magnolias)& she buys only one or two outfits per year. She always looks very nice, because she buy high quality items, but her philosophy is that if she spends money on her, it only benefits her; but if she buys stuff for the house, everyone benefits. It's something to think about. And the reason I've been thinking about this is because I pretty much wear the same things over and over again. I have 5 pair of khaki cargo pants, which I love! I'm like a little boy - - - give me lots of pockets! I'm seldom too hot for 3/4 length sleeves & I find them more attractive than sleeveless or short-sleeved & I have them in a bunch of different colors! And why on earth am I holding on to my skirts!? I wear them so very seldom!!!!! Yes - I'm feeling a closet re-do coming upon me!

I am reading . . . just my daily Bible reading.

I am hoping . . . it doesn't rain Saturday morning.

Around the house . . . more & more things stacking up for kids to go through & hopefully take home with them. Lots - - - take home lots! Please!

One of my favorite things . . . is a day at home!

Something You May Not Know About Me . . . Well gee whiz - - - I thought of something while making breakfast, but now can't remember it! :)

About Today's Photo
. . . Mama at the Tyler Rose Garden

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

For Today - October 28, 2009 - Wednesday

Outside My Window. . . it is very foggy but is suppose to burn off around 9, with predicted high temps of 68! Perfect!

I am hearing. . . TV in background.

I am thinking . . . I need to take a quick shower & get started with my day!

I am grateful . . . there's not a lot of puzzles nor games we feel a real need to keep. The two puzzles we're keeping are of NYC - before the Twin Towers were destroyed. All the others are going to one child or the other. Ditto for the games.

I am wondering . . . how Abby Rike from Biggest Loser is doing. She's from Mabank, TX which isn't that far from us. In fact, ANY place in east TX is considered "local" :) Anyway - she's the adorable contestant who tragically lost both her children and husband in a car wreck. I don't think she should have been sent home BUT in reality she really is the Biggest Loser because in last night's episode it was clear that "Abby" was back...she had somehow found herself again. She was able to save her life, not just physically, but all that makes up a person's life. What a treasure! What a joy!

BTW - Jillian, who usually screams at contestants to get them to dig deep into their psyche , approached Abby with deep reverence and respect. And I think I saw the tough-as-nails Jillian tear up.

Here's wishing that Abby's life is free from anymore sorrow...but knowing how life is, I'm guessing she will have some more along the way. Thankfully she now knows how to deal with it in a more healthy way.

I am grateful her parents' have their daughter back.

From the kitchen . . . hot tea.

I am going . . . to take mama out in this sun-shiny weather.

I am wearing . . . plaid pajama pants and long-sleeved t-shirt and socks...not the same as yesterday.

I am hoping . . . to dub another video or two to DVD.

Around the house . . . are lots and lots of books on one of the dining room add to that lots of puzzles and games! Woot! I'm feelin' it!

One of my favorite things . . . a crisp, sunny day in October. Today!

My Have-Done List . . . Puzzles and games sorted and waiting for kids to take home with them. LPs boxed up for oldest son. We promised most of them to him long, long ago - - - now is the time to take them. All. Dubbed Les Miserables (Liam Nielsen) and Sleepless in Seattle. Will start dubbing Minority Report before I leave the house.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

For Today - October 27, 2009 - Tuesday

Outside My Window. . . it is still raining and the ground is very saturated. Some would think it's a perfect day for napping.

I am hearing. . . rain drops and the TV. We are in the process of dubbing from video to DVD. Currently being dubbed: "Twister"

I am thinking . . . that today would be a good day to stay home! I had hoped to stay home yesterday but ended up meeting with David and David. Afterward I did a bit of grocery shopping in order to make chicken spaghetti for this weekend when everyone is here: David and Amanda and Simon and his crew! Yay - a joyous weekend is guaranteed!

I am grateful . . . that hubby is ready to give away lots and lots of books. We are both Biblioholics and even though we purge our books from time to time, we still have too many. Ones I'm not certain I can weed through are the vintage books. It doesn't matter if they're books of poetry, history or fiction, I find it impossible to get rid of them. The 1910 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica definitely fall into this category. Where else will you find quotes from Abraham Lincoln about not caring if he freed all the slaves, some of them or none of them? Just as long as he preserved the Union. That's what it was all about. And of course this explains why we won't get rid of any books about Southern heritage. No books about birds (or nature in general), gardening, or quilting are in danger of leaving any time soon. And of course none of Dr. Sherry Rogers' books will ever be given away by us. Hmmm - our big book purge may have ended just as it was getting started!

I am wondering
. . . how likely I am to actually live this quote from William Morris, "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." Noble goals!

From the kitchen
. . . brewing another cup of tea after eating my usual oatmeal/almond/apple/cinnamon breakfast!

I am going
. . . to sort through more books. Put away the ones that we have so far deemed worthy of staying with us; send out emails regarding Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday and I love hosting dinner at our house. This year my daughter-in-law is planning a skit for us to perform. She says there's no memorization and we can fly by the seat of our pants. Sounds like fun!

I am wearing . . . plaid pajama pants and long-sleeved t-shirt and socks.

I am reading
. . . just my daily Bible reading.

I am hoping
. . . to really, really be able to down-size. It's something I've been doing a little at a time for many years now, but now it's time to really ramp up my efforts!

Around the house
. . . are lots and lots of books on one of the dining room tables.

One of my favorite things
. . . is having a place for everything and everything in its place. I like knowing exactly what I have and where it is. This is not an easy task for someone who has so many hobbies.

My Have-Done List . . . Hmm - Froze leftover Chicken spaghetti; went through several shelves of books. Washed, dried and put away load of laundry. Almost through recording "Twister" ;)

Something You May Not Know About Me
. . . I cannot make pretty blogs. My wonderful daughter jazzed this up for me. Didn't she do a good job? Yay for daughters! Yay for Amanda!

About Today's Photo
. . . Love, love, love Climbing Old Blush which blooms profusely Spring and Autumn and sporadically throughout the summer.

Monday, October 26, 2009

For Today - October 26, 2009 - Monday

Outside My Window. . . it is raining. It started off heavy, but now is a slow, steady rain with rumbling thunder in the background. We got 5" last week & are above normal for the year - - - but we'll take it anyway. There's not anything that can be done about it anyway, now is there? :) The weather is one thing I've learned to accept without complaint, except when it's blistering hot - - - then I complain quite a lot ;)

I am hearing. . . thunder & rain - - - the sweet sound of God's nature. Weathermen are predicting rain all week long. I may be tired of it by then! I'm also hearing a couple of Mockingbirds - - - a delightful reminder to sing in the middle of the storm!

I am thinking . . . that the older I get, the more true some things become to me. For instance, we've all heard that prayer doesn't necessarily change the situation or circumstance but it changes us. This did not impress me when I was younger - - - but nowadays it's a real comfort to KNOW that it is indeed a true saying. For instance, I really had my heart set on something, but had prayed if it wasn't God's best for me (us, actually) to please slam the door and not merely have it squeak close. Oh my, did it ever SLAM shut. You know what I discovered? Just because I KNEW in the innermost part of my heart that God was the one slamming the door shut, I still pined for this thing to happen! I was miserably disappointed, despondent & unhappy. Well, who wants to live like that? I changed my prayer to pleading with God to please slam the door shut on my heart as well. I was willing to give up this thing I so desperately wanted and at the beginning it really, really seemed to be such a God-thing. In less than 48 hours (maybe 24 hours?) my heart was changed! It didn't matter to me at all that this situation I had so earnestly wanted was now behind God's great, big, slammed door! How about that? Isn't He good? Yes, He is - all the time! Even when we experience obvious setbacks!

Now some of you know what I'm writing about here - - - & others are wondering "what the heck?" ;) I'll reveal more of the details later on - - - but for now I'm more than content that God saves me from me and my emotions.

I am grateful . . . that we got mama's mirror and little shelf hung up. Actually it was my husband who hung them while I finished hanging pictures, etc. Her little room is all set up and I think she's rather satisfied with it.

I am wondering . . . how Facebook has determined I have 2% chance of catching the swine flu? It shows my son has 2% too, and my son-in-law an 11%

From the kitchen . . . the oatmeal waiting to be cooked. Warm weather breakfast is most often yogurt with fruit, nuts/seeds and cinnamon. Cool/cold weather breakfast is oatmeal with fruit, nuts/seeds and cinnamon. And always Earl Gray tea. I am a creature of habit. :)

I am going . . . to stay in today. Maybe do laundry, definitely tidy house and pull a bunch of books off the bookshelf for oldest son and son-in-law to go through. It's time to purge books. This is an attempt to follow a quote I once read, which goes something like this, "Keep only what is deemed necessary or beautiful". I wish I could remember it exactly - - - and who said it. I've already started purging my cookbooks and have sold a number of them on eBay. Now it's time to go through some others.

I am wearing . . . pink nightgown & bare feet!

I am reading . . . still not too much of anything. I'll probably go through some of my decorating books and landscaping books that are on the floor, next to my favorite chair, in the most favorite room of all times! But I'll mainly look at the pictures! :) And then I'll put them away.

I am hoping . . . to take mama out on Wednesday. If the weatherman is wrong and it clears off this week, I'll maybe take her to the Tyler Rose Gardens. They are stunningly beautiful this time of year. And also in the Spring. If it's still raining maybe a trip to Wal-Mart and out to eat.

Around the house . . . I need to clarify my last blog about this house. I do NOT necessarily love the views from my two potties! I do, however, love the fact that I HAVE two toilets!!

One of my favorite things . . . being joyous even when my circumstances are not particularly joyous. It makes me feel I'm really living the truth of John 8:36: "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." It's very nice to not be a victim of circumstances or feelings.

My Have-Done List . . . Finished decorating mama's room!

Something You May Not Know About Me . . . I made a lap quilt for mama. Actually my BFF Debby and I made it while on vacation with her and her husband in Orlando this past September. She gave me a package of beautiful fabric called, "Texas Hill Country - Spring". I asked her if she would mind if I made two rather large lap quilts instead of one bed-sized quilt and you can see her answer above! Of course she didn't mind it at all! I pieced most of the top and she did the rest. What a great, great friend! I think mama likes it!

About Today's Photo . . . Mama and her new "Welcome to East Texas" lap quilt!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

For Today - October 24,2009 - Saturday

Outside My is a glorious autumnal day! Lots of sun and lots of cool air. Predicted high is around 70 . . . a perfect day!

The Sweet Almond smells heavenly as does the *Maggie* rose, which is a very spicy smelling rose . . . really just perfect!

The Rosemary isn't looking too good. Remember it? It's as big as a Buick, but there's lots of dead wood. It's about 12 years old and it's easy to root, so I have another plant coming up alongside it, but the original is very much past its prime. :(

I am hearing...the TV in the background and the computer printer humming. And birds in that wild, species rose I mention from time to time. If anyone needs to screen an unsightly view, give me a call and let me give you a start of this rose. It blooms once in April, around the 15th, hence the nickname, "The Tax Rose", but it grows absolutely WILD and the birds love it.

I am thinking...I need to get dressed and start making Chicken Spaghetti.

I am grateful...for feeling much better today. Thursday I was nauseous, headachy and tired. Friday just tired. Thursday the electricity went out. Friday the water heater went out. Fortunately the water heater just needed the reset button reset! It's never needed resetting in the 8 years we've had it, but maybe with the electricity going off and on on Thursday, something got out of whack?

I am wondering...about a recent scene I saw. It's been within the last week, but I can't remember for sure. I was filling up with gas at the Valero in Jacksonville where there was an old black man pumping gas next to me. He was driving a beat up pickup truck w/old, rotten plywood sides in the bed of the thing and he was sporting a gray beard, faded overalls and a large woman's straw hat with a huge, floppy bow! Think "Sanford and Son" and you get the idea! But that's not all! In front of me was an elderly woman all dressed up and attempting to pump gas. Think of Betty White's character on "Golden Girls" and you have a good idea of what she looked like! I suppose she was having trouble getting the thing to work, because the next time I looked up there was an elderly gentleman helping her. . . think Andy Griffith's "Matlock" character and you get the picture . . . except this elderly, well-groomed gentleman was wearing pajamas! I'm not kidding - - - he was wearing navy blue plaid pajamas! LOL

I wonder if other people see such sights when THEY fill up!!!?

I'm also wondering where my blog's counter went & my followers & why the photo across the top doesn't fit. Help!!!

From the kitchen...all the stuff I need to make Chicken Spaghetti for church tomorrow. It's Homecoming and there's a big potluck afterward. We're bringing First Baptist Church/Rusk popular Chicken Spaghetti. Anytime the youth had a fundraiser, Chicken Spaghetti was on the menu! It's a good recipe, although not particularly healthy. I do use reduced fat soups and cheese and sneak in some whole wheat spaghetti to make it a little healthier . . . but it sure is tasty! Yummy!

I am going...fix the spaghetti and when hubby gets home from work, we're going out.

I am and gray plaid pajama bottoms and long sleeved gray t-shirt with black satin house slippers!

I am reading...nothing in particular at the moment. Every now and again I pick up the Texas landscaping book, but not really reading. I *am* however reading my Bible on a regular basis.

I am hoping...for a happy heart!

Around the house. . . wonderful sunshine. I think that one of the things I love most about this house. . . the rooms I spend the most time in have WONDERFUL light! And lovely views from most of the windows. And two potties. :)

One of my favorite things...desiring what God wants.

My Have-Done List...VA paperwork is done. Mama got her hair cut on Wednesday. VA counselor didn't come by, so we drove across the street to the courthouse. We parked up close and ran into the Judge, whom I know because of my work with Good Samaritan. Judge Chris Davis. . . what a character! I need to blog about him sometime, but if a merry heart is like a good medicine he ought to live a long healthy life!!!! Anyway - the VA office isn't far from the door and Dave had left all of Mama's paperwork with his assistant who was waiting for us. I forget her name right now, but she's a lovely lady and it was a very quick, painless procedure, not at all like when we went to the Social Security office in Houston. Oh my! A 3 hour wait and NO ONE was very helpful!

Something You May Not Know About Me . . . I got my hair cut really short. Although I dearly loved the bob cut . . . it seldom looked the way I wanted it too because of east TX humidity and my hair's propensity to curl/frizz in humid weather. So, I cut it off and all I do now is scrunch it and go on my merry way. Oh - and I stopped coloring it, too. There are too many other things I want to do than spend so much time messing with my hair. I had someone tell me that it's a sign I'm letting myself *go*. Quite the contrary - - - I'm content being who I am and there's WAY TOO MANY OTHER THINGS I want to do than fiddle with me hair. I guess I need to post a pic of it . . . we'll see.

About Today's Photo . . . Me and my short hair!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For Today - October 21, 2009 - Wednesday

Outside My is warm & muggy. We've had nice, cool, autumnal weather . . . but today isn't one of them. Fortunately the predicted high is only 75 . . . with an 80% chance of rain.

There's a few Phlox & Black-Eyed Susans blooming, but the real stars of the flower beds are the roses! Spring & Autumn are the times the roses really show off. They slow down during the summer, but give one final, hurrah during the fall. The Lantanas are also blooming like crazy with gazillions of butterflies swarming around them. What else is blooming? Oh yeah - the Milkweed. And the Sweet Almond.

I am hearing...the same thing I always hear this time of morning: the printer is humming; morning news in the background; & hubby shuffling around the house.

I am thinking...I really, really, really need to edit photos from Ellen's 60th birthday bash! Oh - & also the photos from September Florida trip!

I am grateful...that mama seems to be adjusting well to east Texas. We moved her on Saturday & she's already made a few friends. Two I'm especially grateful for are Jeanette, who will be 100 in January. She has a quick wit & is in great shape, still going for walks without the use of any walking aids. I'm also grateful for a chipper man named Jimmie. He is a big cut-up & jokester. Mama is the youngest of 10 children & had 7 brothers who joked around all the time. I think Jimmie reminds her of those days. I am grateful she's making new friends.

I am wondering...If the VA counselor will meet us at the beauty shop! Mama needs to sign some papers & since his office is here in town, & mama's getting her hair cut here in town, he said he might walk over for her to sign the papers! If not, we'll just walk across the street to his office. I <3 <3 <3 small town living.

From the kitchen...Earl Gray & hubby doling out his vitamins.

I am run Mama errands today

I am wearing...khaki cargo pants & chocolate brown 3/4 length sleeve t-shirt. Please remember, I own 5 pair of khaki cargo pants! I buy them on sale at Academy Sports . . . I love them 'cause they have a lot of pockets!

I am reading...Nothing at the moment.

I am live the rest of my life in my little town. I love it. I love the sense of community. I didn't realize this until very recently. It's nice to learn something new about ones self!

Around the house…one load of laundry folded; one load in the dryer & one load in the washer.

One of my favorite things...Not fretting. I don't like fretting . . . it sometimes comes way too easily to me; but I think I'm getting better. "Fret not; for it only leads to harm". Psalm 37: 1-8 has become my life verses!

My Have-Done List...inquired about doctors for mama; contacted VA; changed her addy; took her shopping; etc. I really need to get in the tub & don't have time to write down everything . . . .

Something You May Not Know About Me: ... I'm published!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

For Today - October 15, 2009 - Thursday

Outside My Window..the sounds of our little town. We've had a lot of rain recently & dial-up is giving me fits . . . . so I'm using the computer at the local library! It's also beginning to look like autumn - - - leaves dancing & swirling in the streets - - - but also very warm & humid! Summer is not leaving without a fight!

I am hearing...the traffic noises of town.

I am thinking...I need to go home and clean house & make some more phone calls.

I am grateful...for this busy life God has blessed me with. And my kids. I have the best kids any mother could ever want. And when I say *kids* I mean the ones that married into the family & all my grand-kidlets, too!

I am long it will take my mom to adjust to her move to east TX. Yes - she's moving here! We pack her up & move her on Saturday. We've promised she has to stay no more than 6 months, as it will be a big change for her. . .but she has to give it a good try. I'm excited!!!!! And I'm praying the change won't be too difficult for her.

From the kitchen...a bunch of cookbooks on the counter waiting for me to mail. I've thinned out my cookbook collection & have sold almost all of them on eBay. One person's junk being another person's treasure!

I am the post office to mail some of the books that I've already received money for.

I am wearing...khaki cargo pants, pumpkin-colored t-shirt & walking shoes.

I am reading...really - nothing in particular right now . . . mainly other people's blogs!

I am have a good, encouraging evening.

Around the house…doggy odors! :( It's so humid & he's so smelly :(

One of my favorite things...Family!

My Have-Done List...too numerous to mention since I've not blogged in such a very long time. . . .

Something You May Not Know About Me. . . Of course I don't have any of my photos on the library computer & it's also not allowing me to access my Flickr accoutn :( Weird - what's up with that? I AM trying to upload a photo from Facebook . . . . we'll see how successful I am! It's one of hummy & me at the Texas State Fair acting goofy over a funnel cake!