Thursday, October 15, 2009

For Today - October 15, 2009 - Thursday

Outside My Window..the sounds of our little town. We've had a lot of rain recently & dial-up is giving me fits . . . . so I'm using the computer at the local library! It's also beginning to look like autumn - - - leaves dancing & swirling in the streets - - - but also very warm & humid! Summer is not leaving without a fight!

I am hearing...the traffic noises of town.

I am thinking...I need to go home and clean house & make some more phone calls.

I am grateful...for this busy life God has blessed me with. And my kids. I have the best kids any mother could ever want. And when I say *kids* I mean the ones that married into the family & all my grand-kidlets, too!

I am long it will take my mom to adjust to her move to east TX. Yes - she's moving here! We pack her up & move her on Saturday. We've promised she has to stay no more than 6 months, as it will be a big change for her. . .but she has to give it a good try. I'm excited!!!!! And I'm praying the change won't be too difficult for her.

From the kitchen...a bunch of cookbooks on the counter waiting for me to mail. I've thinned out my cookbook collection & have sold almost all of them on eBay. One person's junk being another person's treasure!

I am the post office to mail some of the books that I've already received money for.

I am wearing...khaki cargo pants, pumpkin-colored t-shirt & walking shoes.

I am reading...really - nothing in particular right now . . . mainly other people's blogs!

I am have a good, encouraging evening.

Around the house…doggy odors! :( It's so humid & he's so smelly :(

One of my favorite things...Family!

My Have-Done List...too numerous to mention since I've not blogged in such a very long time. . . .

Something You May Not Know About Me. . . Of course I don't have any of my photos on the library computer & it's also not allowing me to access my Flickr accoutn :( Weird - what's up with that? I AM trying to upload a photo from Facebook . . . . we'll see how successful I am! It's one of hummy & me at the Texas State Fair acting goofy over a funnel cake!

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  1. yay! welcome back to the land of blogging! I love you!