Thursday, August 6, 2009

For Today - August 6,2009 - Thursday

He Brings Me Flowers, originally uploaded by Vera_Smith.

Outside My is very, very hot. This is TX in August - unbearable! The roses, however are catching a 2nd wind & starting to put on another display, although not as glorious as in the Spring. Figs, figs, & more figs! The birds & I are very content w/the fig production this year!

And there's the cutest little Cottontails that are hanging around, playing chase in the early morning & evening. They make me smile. I hope they stay.

I am hearing...A/C humming.

I am very blessed I am.

I am grateful...for the modern convenience of air conditioning. I KNOW I wouldn't want to live w/o it!

I am wondering...why a moth would want to rest in the potty! There's nothing like having a MOTH fly out of the potty when you flush! Sure can make a person move pretty darn fast!

From the kitchen...Boca Burger on WW bread w/garden fresh, organic tomatoes & lettuce. And watermelon for dessert.

I LOVE Boca Burgers & could go to my grave w/o ever eating another beef burger . . . unless, of course, it was OUR beef. But those days are over.

I am sort some more photos & work on my "library of memories".

I am wearing...khaki skort, red t-shirt & walking shoes.

I am reading...The Thinner (Younger) You (for the 3rd time) and "The Will of Goad as a Way of Life" by Jerry Sittser. I read his book about grief, "A Grace Disguised", & was so very, very blessed by it, I decided to read this one about the will of God. There's lots of books out there about that . . . but decided since Sittser was so right-on about grief, I'd try his take on find the will of God.

I am be married for another 40 years! Hubby & I celebrated our 40th on August 2 . . . . youngest son wished us another 40 & that got me to thinking - we'd "only" be 100 years old! It's possible - although very unlikely!

Around the house…orderliness & very clean porches. Hubby power-washed the house Tuesday.

One of my favorite things...Life!

My Have-Done List...too numerous to mention since I've not blogged in such a very long time. . . .

Something You May Not Know About Me. . . I feel so very much better when I stay away from processed foods. If I was pain-free & spunky w/junk food, I'd probably eat it . . . but I don't. I feel my absolute best when I eat "real" food. And I'm more than okay w/that!

About Today's Photo . . . . . ."He Brings Me Flowers"

by helping in our flower gardens. He helps put in the beds, helps w/the composting, weeding & mulching. He keeps me in flowers almost year-round. I've told my family if I die first & he doesn't bring anything other than a jar or vase of our garden flowers to the funeral, I will be very happy. He keeps me in flowers while I live. . . .


  1. Wow, you have a blog! Why did you never share this with me? Was it a secret? I stumbled across it on Amanda's blog, so if you didn't want us to find out, blame her. I like it, by the way. A LOT. -Ericka

  2. No - no secret. It started out as a place to keep track of my life . . . . As you can see I haven't been too very faithful . :(