Saturday, October 24, 2009

For Today - October 24,2009 - Saturday

Outside My is a glorious autumnal day! Lots of sun and lots of cool air. Predicted high is around 70 . . . a perfect day!

The Sweet Almond smells heavenly as does the *Maggie* rose, which is a very spicy smelling rose . . . really just perfect!

The Rosemary isn't looking too good. Remember it? It's as big as a Buick, but there's lots of dead wood. It's about 12 years old and it's easy to root, so I have another plant coming up alongside it, but the original is very much past its prime. :(

I am hearing...the TV in the background and the computer printer humming. And birds in that wild, species rose I mention from time to time. If anyone needs to screen an unsightly view, give me a call and let me give you a start of this rose. It blooms once in April, around the 15th, hence the nickname, "The Tax Rose", but it grows absolutely WILD and the birds love it.

I am thinking...I need to get dressed and start making Chicken Spaghetti.

I am grateful...for feeling much better today. Thursday I was nauseous, headachy and tired. Friday just tired. Thursday the electricity went out. Friday the water heater went out. Fortunately the water heater just needed the reset button reset! It's never needed resetting in the 8 years we've had it, but maybe with the electricity going off and on on Thursday, something got out of whack?

I am wondering...about a recent scene I saw. It's been within the last week, but I can't remember for sure. I was filling up with gas at the Valero in Jacksonville where there was an old black man pumping gas next to me. He was driving a beat up pickup truck w/old, rotten plywood sides in the bed of the thing and he was sporting a gray beard, faded overalls and a large woman's straw hat with a huge, floppy bow! Think "Sanford and Son" and you get the idea! But that's not all! In front of me was an elderly woman all dressed up and attempting to pump gas. Think of Betty White's character on "Golden Girls" and you have a good idea of what she looked like! I suppose she was having trouble getting the thing to work, because the next time I looked up there was an elderly gentleman helping her. . . think Andy Griffith's "Matlock" character and you get the picture . . . except this elderly, well-groomed gentleman was wearing pajamas! I'm not kidding - - - he was wearing navy blue plaid pajamas! LOL

I wonder if other people see such sights when THEY fill up!!!?

I'm also wondering where my blog's counter went & my followers & why the photo across the top doesn't fit. Help!!!

From the kitchen...all the stuff I need to make Chicken Spaghetti for church tomorrow. It's Homecoming and there's a big potluck afterward. We're bringing First Baptist Church/Rusk popular Chicken Spaghetti. Anytime the youth had a fundraiser, Chicken Spaghetti was on the menu! It's a good recipe, although not particularly healthy. I do use reduced fat soups and cheese and sneak in some whole wheat spaghetti to make it a little healthier . . . but it sure is tasty! Yummy!

I am going...fix the spaghetti and when hubby gets home from work, we're going out.

I am and gray plaid pajama bottoms and long sleeved gray t-shirt with black satin house slippers!

I am reading...nothing in particular at the moment. Every now and again I pick up the Texas landscaping book, but not really reading. I *am* however reading my Bible on a regular basis.

I am hoping...for a happy heart!

Around the house. . . wonderful sunshine. I think that one of the things I love most about this house. . . the rooms I spend the most time in have WONDERFUL light! And lovely views from most of the windows. And two potties. :)

One of my favorite things...desiring what God wants.

My Have-Done List...VA paperwork is done. Mama got her hair cut on Wednesday. VA counselor didn't come by, so we drove across the street to the courthouse. We parked up close and ran into the Judge, whom I know because of my work with Good Samaritan. Judge Chris Davis. . . what a character! I need to blog about him sometime, but if a merry heart is like a good medicine he ought to live a long healthy life!!!! Anyway - the VA office isn't far from the door and Dave had left all of Mama's paperwork with his assistant who was waiting for us. I forget her name right now, but she's a lovely lady and it was a very quick, painless procedure, not at all like when we went to the Social Security office in Houston. Oh my! A 3 hour wait and NO ONE was very helpful!

Something You May Not Know About Me . . . I got my hair cut really short. Although I dearly loved the bob cut . . . it seldom looked the way I wanted it too because of east TX humidity and my hair's propensity to curl/frizz in humid weather. So, I cut it off and all I do now is scrunch it and go on my merry way. Oh - and I stopped coloring it, too. There are too many other things I want to do than spend so much time messing with my hair. I had someone tell me that it's a sign I'm letting myself *go*. Quite the contrary - - - I'm content being who I am and there's WAY TOO MANY OTHER THINGS I want to do than fiddle with me hair. I guess I need to post a pic of it . . . we'll see.

About Today's Photo . . . Me and my short hair!!!

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