Monday, October 26, 2009

For Today - October 26, 2009 - Monday

Outside My Window. . . it is raining. It started off heavy, but now is a slow, steady rain with rumbling thunder in the background. We got 5" last week & are above normal for the year - - - but we'll take it anyway. There's not anything that can be done about it anyway, now is there? :) The weather is one thing I've learned to accept without complaint, except when it's blistering hot - - - then I complain quite a lot ;)

I am hearing. . . thunder & rain - - - the sweet sound of God's nature. Weathermen are predicting rain all week long. I may be tired of it by then! I'm also hearing a couple of Mockingbirds - - - a delightful reminder to sing in the middle of the storm!

I am thinking . . . that the older I get, the more true some things become to me. For instance, we've all heard that prayer doesn't necessarily change the situation or circumstance but it changes us. This did not impress me when I was younger - - - but nowadays it's a real comfort to KNOW that it is indeed a true saying. For instance, I really had my heart set on something, but had prayed if it wasn't God's best for me (us, actually) to please slam the door and not merely have it squeak close. Oh my, did it ever SLAM shut. You know what I discovered? Just because I KNEW in the innermost part of my heart that God was the one slamming the door shut, I still pined for this thing to happen! I was miserably disappointed, despondent & unhappy. Well, who wants to live like that? I changed my prayer to pleading with God to please slam the door shut on my heart as well. I was willing to give up this thing I so desperately wanted and at the beginning it really, really seemed to be such a God-thing. In less than 48 hours (maybe 24 hours?) my heart was changed! It didn't matter to me at all that this situation I had so earnestly wanted was now behind God's great, big, slammed door! How about that? Isn't He good? Yes, He is - all the time! Even when we experience obvious setbacks!

Now some of you know what I'm writing about here - - - & others are wondering "what the heck?" ;) I'll reveal more of the details later on - - - but for now I'm more than content that God saves me from me and my emotions.

I am grateful . . . that we got mama's mirror and little shelf hung up. Actually it was my husband who hung them while I finished hanging pictures, etc. Her little room is all set up and I think she's rather satisfied with it.

I am wondering . . . how Facebook has determined I have 2% chance of catching the swine flu? It shows my son has 2% too, and my son-in-law an 11%

From the kitchen . . . the oatmeal waiting to be cooked. Warm weather breakfast is most often yogurt with fruit, nuts/seeds and cinnamon. Cool/cold weather breakfast is oatmeal with fruit, nuts/seeds and cinnamon. And always Earl Gray tea. I am a creature of habit. :)

I am going . . . to stay in today. Maybe do laundry, definitely tidy house and pull a bunch of books off the bookshelf for oldest son and son-in-law to go through. It's time to purge books. This is an attempt to follow a quote I once read, which goes something like this, "Keep only what is deemed necessary or beautiful". I wish I could remember it exactly - - - and who said it. I've already started purging my cookbooks and have sold a number of them on eBay. Now it's time to go through some others.

I am wearing . . . pink nightgown & bare feet!

I am reading . . . still not too much of anything. I'll probably go through some of my decorating books and landscaping books that are on the floor, next to my favorite chair, in the most favorite room of all times! But I'll mainly look at the pictures! :) And then I'll put them away.

I am hoping . . . to take mama out on Wednesday. If the weatherman is wrong and it clears off this week, I'll maybe take her to the Tyler Rose Gardens. They are stunningly beautiful this time of year. And also in the Spring. If it's still raining maybe a trip to Wal-Mart and out to eat.

Around the house . . . I need to clarify my last blog about this house. I do NOT necessarily love the views from my two potties! I do, however, love the fact that I HAVE two toilets!!

One of my favorite things . . . being joyous even when my circumstances are not particularly joyous. It makes me feel I'm really living the truth of John 8:36: "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." It's very nice to not be a victim of circumstances or feelings.

My Have-Done List . . . Finished decorating mama's room!

Something You May Not Know About Me . . . I made a lap quilt for mama. Actually my BFF Debby and I made it while on vacation with her and her husband in Orlando this past September. She gave me a package of beautiful fabric called, "Texas Hill Country - Spring". I asked her if she would mind if I made two rather large lap quilts instead of one bed-sized quilt and you can see her answer above! Of course she didn't mind it at all! I pieced most of the top and she did the rest. What a great, great friend! I think mama likes it!

About Today's Photo . . . Mama and her new "Welcome to East Texas" lap quilt!

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