Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For Today - October 21, 2009 - Wednesday

Outside My is warm & muggy. We've had nice, cool, autumnal weather . . . but today isn't one of them. Fortunately the predicted high is only 75 . . . with an 80% chance of rain.

There's a few Phlox & Black-Eyed Susans blooming, but the real stars of the flower beds are the roses! Spring & Autumn are the times the roses really show off. They slow down during the summer, but give one final, hurrah during the fall. The Lantanas are also blooming like crazy with gazillions of butterflies swarming around them. What else is blooming? Oh yeah - the Milkweed. And the Sweet Almond.

I am hearing...the same thing I always hear this time of morning: the printer is humming; morning news in the background; & hubby shuffling around the house.

I am thinking...I really, really, really need to edit photos from Ellen's 60th birthday bash! Oh - & also the photos from September Florida trip!

I am grateful...that mama seems to be adjusting well to east Texas. We moved her on Saturday & she's already made a few friends. Two I'm especially grateful for are Jeanette, who will be 100 in January. She has a quick wit & is in great shape, still going for walks without the use of any walking aids. I'm also grateful for a chipper man named Jimmie. He is a big cut-up & jokester. Mama is the youngest of 10 children & had 7 brothers who joked around all the time. I think Jimmie reminds her of those days. I am grateful she's making new friends.

I am wondering...If the VA counselor will meet us at the beauty shop! Mama needs to sign some papers & since his office is here in town, & mama's getting her hair cut here in town, he said he might walk over for her to sign the papers! If not, we'll just walk across the street to his office. I <3 <3 <3 small town living.

From the kitchen...Earl Gray & hubby doling out his vitamins.

I am run Mama errands today

I am wearing...khaki cargo pants & chocolate brown 3/4 length sleeve t-shirt. Please remember, I own 5 pair of khaki cargo pants! I buy them on sale at Academy Sports . . . I love them 'cause they have a lot of pockets!

I am reading...Nothing at the moment.

I am live the rest of my life in my little town. I love it. I love the sense of community. I didn't realize this until very recently. It's nice to learn something new about ones self!

Around the house…one load of laundry folded; one load in the dryer & one load in the washer.

One of my favorite things...Not fretting. I don't like fretting . . . it sometimes comes way too easily to me; but I think I'm getting better. "Fret not; for it only leads to harm". Psalm 37: 1-8 has become my life verses!

My Have-Done List...inquired about doctors for mama; contacted VA; changed her addy; took her shopping; etc. I really need to get in the tub & don't have time to write down everything . . . .

Something You May Not Know About Me: ... I'm published!

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