Thursday, April 22, 2010

For Today - April 22. 2010 - Thursday

Outside My Window. . .It's once again chilly & cloudy, with the sun peeking out! Yay!

I Am Hearing . . .Cars driving by & birds chirping...a cacophony of birds.

I Am Wearing . . .Pants, shirt, sox & a heavy knitted scarf around my neck.

I Am Thinking . . .That I would like to do as my friends Vici & Susan have suggested & at least one time do unto a human as they have done to dogs: dump them!! "...People who do this ought to be abandoned out in the middle of nowhere with nothing to help them." "Just one time I'd like for a dog to be driving the truck and dump the human out in the middle of nowhere and see how they liked it!! Poor dogs" Yes, once again we have stray dogs. This is five since December :(

I Am Wondering . . . If the little black dog with white *boots* will stay. It's appearing she may be in the process of adopting us!

I Am Grateful
. . . That she gets along well with Shiloh.

From The Kitchen . . . Hot tea.

I Am Going
. . . to do errands today: bank deposits; a tiny bit of shopping @ the dollar store & health food store; take hubby's glasses to the optical shop; & stop by mama's for a visit.

I Am Reading
. . Once again - nada.

I Am Hoping . . .That if the little dog is not going to be ours - - - that she would just leave. Now. Her two sibs came into the yard today. . . . I shooed them away, opened the house door & Shiloh & the female scooted right in. Maybe this was her choice? Maybe she has chosen us for her new pack? Maybe it's too early. We'll gie it a week or two before spending much money on her.

Around The House
. . . Floors are clean; two bedroom pix are finally hung; and my girlie (lavender) tool kit got cleaned out!

One Of My Favorite Thing
s . . . To be schedule free!
Something You May Not Know About Me . . . Although I live in the country & have no nearby neighbors, I do live on a busy road. Real busy.

Today's Photo . . .


  1. At least the dog is cute, right? And I LOVE your pic for today - great natural lighting!

  2. Oh yes, she is very cute. . . & very charming. Not at all aggressive, & not at all fearful. It seems she looks to Shiloh as her big brother . . . not at all concerned to be *top dog*.

    He chased away her sibs. . . & she ran into the house. . . not at all interested in running w/them. We'll see. There's potential for her to be a great companion like your Promise.