Friday, April 23, 2010

For Today - April 23, 2010 - Friday

Outside My Window. . .It's cloudy.

I Am Hearing . . .Cars driving by & birds chirping. The Chickadees are particularly vocal today!

I Am Wearing . . .Khaki Cargo pants, orange t-shirt & sox.

I Am Thinking . . .that my headache/pressure is caused because of changing barometric pressure? We are in a tornado watch through Saturday!

I Am Wondering . . . If the little black dog will be happy being mainly an outdoor dog? of course not during tornadoes!

I Am Grateful
. . . That she is still here!

From The Kitchen . . . Lots of grapefruit & different teas. I went to the health food store yesterday since it was produce day & picked up several teas.

I Am Going
. . . to do stay home today! I might even iron some clothes. What's up w/that?

I Am Reading
. . Once again - nada.

I Am Hoping . . .My head/eyes start feeling better.

Around The House
. . . The smell of citrus and roses! Might as well bring in the blossoms before strong winds blow the away!

One Of My Favorite Thing
s . . . To be schedule free!

Something You May Not Know About Me . . . At night I think of that one thing I haven't yet written about - - - but now can't remember it!

Today's Photo . . .A shelf in the living room, filled with things special to us.


  1. How beautiful, I love what you have written. And you said that you recognized the quote. I love it!!!

    Just saw it yesterday in a thrift shop, and asked if I could write it down.

    Regarding the headaches, I just signed up to a free email alert system today. It will email me whenever the barometric pressure drops, because they think that might be what causes migraines. It's kind of nice to know a day ahead of time that this might happen. I can take precautions to lessen the symptoms.

    It's called if you are interested.

    Thanks for dropping by, and your blog is so lovely.

    Muddy Boot Dreams

  2. Jen, I just read about barometric pressure induced *migraines*. Oh my. Magnesium is suppose to help alleviate them. I'm giving that a try & most DEFINITELY will sign up for the alerts. How very, very timely your post is! Thank you for sharing!