Friday, April 2, 2010

For Today - April 2, 2010 - Friday

Outside My Window . . . It's cool & damp w/a 10% chance of rain. And a cacophony of birds singing & calling to one another. There is no need to turn on the TV or radio.

I am hearing. . . Chickadees, Titmouse, Cardinals, Mockingbirds, Crows, Sparrows & little house wrens. And a Woodpecker.

I Am Wearing
. . . khaki cargo pants & black t-shirt

I Am Thinking. . . . I want another cuppa tea.

I am wondering . . . What time DD will come here.

I Am Grateful
. . . that DD spent most of yesterday here at the house while her hubby worked on his dissertation. We made tea cake cookies & dyed Easter eggs. Plus she LOVES our wireless internet & was able to update her blogs & do other internet stuff!

It was a very good day.

From the kitchen . . . Peggy's Tea Cake Cookie dough in the freezer to bake more today. They remind me so very much of my Aunt Leona's sugar cookies. Happy memories.

I am going . . . to bake more of those tea cake cookies & try to determine how to place the 2nd dining room table in the much smaller dining room. Hmmmm

I am reading
. . . Nada

I am hoping
. . . that daughter is feeling some better & will once again enjoy her day here.

Around the house . . . Plastic Easter eggs & candy. Not a temptation for me. The tea cakes, however . . . . are a completely different story!

One of my favorite things
. . . Having family nearby.

Something you may not know about me . . . I'm spending my 60th birthday camping. With the Cub Scouts. My life is very good. It's the PERFECT celebration for me. Oh - & I get to sleep in the camper, in the queen size bed! The men & boys will do tent camping. I'm glad for the camper!

Today's photo Easter Eggs in the refrigerator. I don't like flash photography, much preferring available light. I never thought to use the light from the refrigerator!!!!!

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  1. I'm grateful I spent most of the day here yesterday too! And now today! Love you!