Monday, April 5, 2010

For Today - April 5, 2010 - Monday

Outside My Window . . . It's cool & damp, which is nothing new - I do live in east TX & the closest major city to me is in Louisiana, not in Texas!

I am hearing. . . Two clocks ticking & crickets chirping. Oh, and a chorus of coyotes. Nearby. Really close. I don't like all. Not at all. Can you believe it? I just let Shiloh out, as he was barking up a storm at the coyotes. They shut up! All of them! Our lazy old bear of a dog quieted a pack of coyotes! Impressive, Shiloh!

I Am Wearing. . . pajama bottoms & a t-shirt.

I Am Thinking. . . . I am blessed among women. Even though oldest son and his family were unable to come & we missed them immensely, yesterday was a good, good Easter. My mom, only daughter & her hubby, and two friends from the seminary were here to help celebrate. But it would have been more fun with the others here. . . we didn't do an egg hunt without them!

I am wondering . . . What I would be like if I always got a good night's sleep! I slept for about almost 11 hours last night. I laid down for a nap about 4:30 PM & woke up at 4 AM. This is quite a phenomenal event in my life as I usually get 3 - 6 hours sleep per night.

I Am Grateful. . . that I get to celebrate Easter everyday! Not just one day a year.

From the kitchen
. . . It is clean. Dear hubby washed, by hand, all the dirty dishes from Easter dinner. Of course the sweets & potato pot, etc., were washed on Saturday. I'm learning to cook more & more like my mom: doing as much the day before as possible. Even so, there were a lot of dishes to wash & he did them! I've already put them all away this morning. . .

I am going . . . to do some paperwork for Good Samaritan, regarding FEMA, & straighten out my own paperwork!

I am reading . . . My camera's manual. I've had the camera about 5 years & have never ready the manual from cover to cover. I've only read snippets at a time.

I am hoping . . . to learn how to photograph a black & a white person together. Either one or the other is properly exposed . . . I can't do both at the same time.

Around the house . . . Quietness, now that Shiloh has hushed the pack of coyotes. This is so hilarious to me as he is such a lazy dog. I guess he ran outside barking, ticked off that they were disturbing his sleep? Funny old dog!

One of my favorite things
. . . My life. I'm glad I don't have to live anyone else's life. Mine is just fine. For me. Most likely not too good for you! ;)

Something you may not know about me
. . . I live in a house made entirely of wood...even the walls. Some are so old we believe they are petrified. Really. I'm not joking - we think the oldest walls in the house may be petrified!

Today's photo

At first I thought this photo was a technical dud, but a photography friend said, and I quote him, "there is something very cinematic about it......I like that the action is blurry and the foreground is focused.....very compelling" Anyway - it makes me smile, whether it's a dud or if it's compelling. The man with his head thrown back in laughter is KI, who is from Ghana & is attending seminary in east TX. We were laughing about the fact that he & his wife, also from Ghana, were driven to the hospital by his Czech friend, to have their twin boys delivered by an Egyptian doctor.

It's a small world, isn't it???


  1. Um, do you mean "oldest son" and "only daughter" or is Barbara older than me? ;)

  2. LOL - I made the changes. Someone needs to tell the seminary they need to update their website! It looks like it hasn't been updated since March 2009. . . unless I'm doing something wrong!

    Thanks for leaving a comment. . . .