Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For Today - April 21, 2010 - Wednesday

Outside My Window. . .Little blue chips of Rubbermaid on the porch. Yes - the squirrel has discovered where we store the bird seed. :(

I am hearing. . .Clocks ticking & morning traffic & birds chirping & Shiloh sighing.

I Am Wearing
. . .Pants, shirt, sweat shirt, house slippers & a scarf around my neck. Yep - it's that cool!

I Am Thinking . . .It's I Don't Wanna Wednesday. I don't wanna' go into town to run errands.

I am wondering . . . How Cayla is doing. . .?

I Am Grateful
. . . That daughter & her hubby are having a grand time.

From the kitchen . . . Hot tea & shadows

I am going
. . . to sort through the things in the center hall. The dining room is just about done. I think I'm going to redo a framed mirror. . . it's way too gold. Just smearing on some flat white paint on it might do the trick. There's still things to put away in there but I don't have any inspiration right now. . . . so the few remaining things will just sit until I know where they go. They will tell me. They always do.

I am reading
. . about squirrel proof feeders at Wild Birds Unlimited

I am hoping . . .That Cayla is doing well.

Around the house
. . . There is no sense in sweeping the floors late in the day, as hubby, dog & I bring in plenty of dirt! In fact, I'm beginning to think it doesn't make any sense at all to EVER sweep the floors!

One of my favorite thing
s . . . Cool mornings & warm days!

Today's Photo: Good Kitchen Morning

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  1. nice pic! We are having a grand time - and I'm hoping Cayla's okay too! (And Shiloh)