Tuesday, April 27, 2010

For Today - April 27, 2010 - Tuesday

Outside My Window. . .It is once again sunny & cool. Cowboys next to us are rounding up some cattle to *go for a ride* in the back of a trailer.

I Am Hearing
. . .Lots of yee-hawing going on! And cows mooing. And birds chirping.

I Am Wearing . . .Chenille robe, sox, overcoat & knitted scarf around me neck. I'll just stay in these until it warms up a bit. If I got dressed now, I'd have to change before long anyway!

I Am Thinking . . .I really don't like "Robin's Egg" blue on the porch ceiling. I requested "Crystal Palace". Hubby thought it was too light & brought home the other.

I Am Wondering
. . . If hubby will come home w/some white paint to tone down the intensity of what we have.

I Am Grateful
. . . that the little dog started eating again. True - it's canned dog food instead of dry, but at least she's eating.

From The Kitchen . . . Oatmeal w/cinnamon & apples; buttered toast & hot tea.

I Am Going. . . to explain about the porch paint. Yesterday I wrote I was going to the store to buy some. BUT the paint master wasn't there, so later in the day I IM'ed hubby to bring home some "Crystal Palace". I'm pretty sure I said it was his decision as to what size can he brought home: either a sample size or gallon. He thought I said it was his decision to choose the color.

I Am Reading
. . . nada

I Am Hoping
. . .that I can paint today. . .

Around The House
. . . There is a mirror to hang in the dining room. And *stuff* for me to go through in the center hall. We really need to think of another name for it, but haven't come up with one!

One Of My Favorite Things
. . . A stay-at-home day!

Something You May Not Know About Me
. . . Yesterday I wrote, "I have no idea what color to paint the front doors." Well sheesh, if we're gonna' keep the ceiling "Robin Egg's Blue" we might as well paint the doors pumpkin orange to go w/the red walls! Yeah - I'm being sarcastic. How could you tell?

Today's Photo
. . . An accidental kitchen window olfactory still life: big juicy, citrusy smelling fresh lemon, old fashioned, aromatic rose that got moved by youngest son in January, & Palmolive dish detergent in blue bottle. My mom used Palmolive when I was growing up. It has a nice, clean memory-filled fragrance! And it was the cheapest at the Dollar Store.

The brain cannot accurately remember color - but it's perfect at recalling smells.

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