Saturday, May 1, 2010

For Today - May 1, 2010 - Saturday

Outside My Window. . .It is just beginning to get light. It is very muggy & has been threatening to rain for 24 hours. But still no rain. Just stillness & mugginess.

The azaleas are through blooming for now.

The honeysuckle outside the kitchen window is just beginning to bloom. Sweet honeysuckle fragrance is hanging in the warm, muggy air. Sounds like the beginnings of a novel that takes place in the South! :)

I Am Hearing . . .Woodland birds waking up. I wish I was better at identifying them by their sound. There is a very large variety greeting one another. And me.

I Am Wearing . . .Shorts, t-shirt & sox.

I Am Thinking . . .I really am going to like the porch, once it's done. 2/3 is painted. . . just waiting for Mark to come get the appliances from one end. Hopefully he can get them this weekend or next. He's the one who lost everything in a house fire & is having a hard time finding financing for a new home :(

Once the last of it is painted we can move stuff out of the guest room, storing it where the appliances are now, & get to work in the guest room! The ceiling & inside of the closet are painted, but the walls & trim have been patiently waiting.

I Am Wondering
. . . If the little dog got homesick & went back to her pack. She ate some of the canned dog food . . . then hung around for another day, staying away from the cabin. She would look happy when we went to her. Her eyes were bright, ears & tail perky, but she no longer came on the porch or around us. Mama thinks she got homesick for her family. Maybe so. . . we haven't seen her since last Tuesday.

I Am Grateful
. . . hubby had no objection to me buying a different color for the porch ceiling. Martha Stewart's "Porch Ceiling Blue" - C26 is SO much better. Perfect!

From The Kitchen
. . . Stuff for tomorrow's lunch. My cousin, the Snake Expert is coming over tomorrow, bringing his wife & daughter with him for a snake hunt! We have no desire to eradicate all snakes from the property as we appreciate & respect them for the contribution they make to all our lives. But I don't want them in the attic (although Clint says that 70% of Texas homes have/had snakes there), beneath the house, on the porch or in the house! Our landscaping plans can best be called, "State Park" style. Which means we'll remove the brush/underbrush nearest the cabin, but leave a lot of it around the perimeter. It means lots of gravel pathways, some edged w/fallen logs. It means mulching the beds with leaf mulch. It means an almost perfect habitat for snakes! I just don't want to be surprised by them.

I Am Going. . . to do some laundry, clean house & piddle in the yard & on the porch.

I Am Reading
. . . nada

I Am Hoping. . .that it rains. It's been too, too muggy.

Around The House . . . Pretty much the same as last time as I spent the time painting instead of hanging & sorting, etc.

One Of My Favorite Things . . . A family gathering & the anticipation!

Something You May Not Know About Me
. . . I got my hair cut. Short. Real short. The shortest I've ever had it. I think I like it. . . just hoping I can get it to spike the way I want it to! I like spiky hair.

Today's Photo . . . Blankets Wrap You In Warmth, Quilts Wrap You In Love Top quilt made for me from my dearest of friends Debby. Middle quilt given to me for my 50th birthday. Bottom quilt made by my maternal grandmother for my parent' wedding. they would have been married 68 years this August.


  1. Post a pic of the new short spiky do....

    I have been thinking that I want my hair short to cut down on time spent on it... but short straight hair fine hair looks terrible on me if it is flat on my head..... spiky might work.... :)

  2. Well, I can't cut it too short or the natural wave disappears. And there's the issue of it being so fine.

    Yours is thick & hs lots of body. I think it would look REAL good.

    I'm going to take a quick shower & see how it does w/a minimum of messing with it. . . just a little bit of *mud* to help it spike . .. here's hoping it works!