Monday, July 13, 2009

For Today - July 13, 2009 - Monday

Outside My is very hot & muggy. The Black-eyed Susans have been edited from the flower gardens, thanks to youngest son. Because of the heat, the basil is fragrant all day, as well as the Sweet Almond. The 4 o'clocks, because they're in the morning shade are still fragrant.

The Phlox, Milk & Wine & Ruellia are blooming rather profusely. The roses, cannas & salvias are blooming sporadically.

I am hearing...birds chirping & the A/C humming.

I am thinking...I have lots of housework to do!

I am grateful...all the doll dresses were greatly appreciated by 7 year old grand daughter. So I guess you can say I'm grateful for gratefulness!

I am wondering...about nothing.

From the kitchen...Vanilla Orange Rooibus tea...yummy! Lots of fruit - don't quite know what to eat for breakfast but I bet it includes yogurt!

I am enjoy my time @ home & start thinking about sewing doll clothes for Christmas.

I am wearing...that tacky chenille robe. It's been a long time . . .

I am reading...The Thinner (Younger) You. It about foods, activity & supplements to correct a brain chemical deficiency. Very interesting & I'm very much deficient in dopamine!

I am hoping...for nothing in particular. I saw all three of my kids this week, plus their spouses, plus grand kids. Saw mama last Monday & favorite sister last week. Hubby & I are healthy. Camera still works. So does the A/C. And the van. Other than being w/Jesus some day, there's not too much to hope for. Life is good. All the time. Even when it seems it isn't.

Around the house…a good, thorough blessing is needed from me!

One of my favorite things...Waking up ache & pain free!

My Have-Done List...finished the doll dresses & 2 hats; attended fantastic tea party. My DIL does the BEST party planning. Not me - I'm not good at that at all & don't enjoy the process.

Something You May Not Know About Me: ... can't think of a thing!
About Today's Photo
. . . 7 year old grand daughter w/the dolls who modeled outfits I made :)


  1. What a pretty girl...with pretty dolls...with pretty doll dresses. She looks VERY PLEASED with them all. :)

  2. I hope she's still enjoying them! I had great fun sewing them. . . .