Friday, July 3, 2009

For Today - July 3, 2009 - Friday

Outside My Window...there's a pair of doves that's been hanging around all week, along w/the multitude of songbirds; bees; butterflies; hummingbiards; bunnies (they are SO cute); toads; anoles; even a mouse. I feel like I'm in a Walt Disney's Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty with all the lively nature outside my doorstep. Unlike the cartoon though, no one comes in to help me clean! And unlike Beatrice Potter I'm not fond of the mouse. Because everyone knows where you have mice you have snakes. And I don't want snakes up near the house.

Add to the above the fragrance from herbs, roses & sweet almond. I live in a heaven on earth.

It continues to be hot & dry. We're not yet in a drought but if we don't get some rain soon, I'm certain we will be.

I am hearing...birds chirping & the A/C humming.

I am thinking...I need to quickly do this blog update & clean house & start gathering/packing things for tomorrow.

I am get to spend the 4th with my hubby, 2 of my 3 children, & grandchildren.

I am wondering...what youngest son & I will do next week.

From the kitchen...heirloom tomatoes waiting to be eaten; watermelon; cantaloupe; cherries; 15 pints salsa (make that 14 'cause 1 jar broke); peach pie filling in the freezer along w/3 loaves of mini banana bread. It's been a VERY productive week. I wish my mama were here . . . we would have had fun w/all the canning & freezing.

Fresh mint tea - & fresh min on the window sill waiting for me to make more.

While making banana bread I may have had a bit of an epiphany. I think I may have discovered why some people dislike cooking/baking: could it be because they have the latest/greatest of cookware & utensils?

It's almost meditative when you're using stuff from people know/knew & love. My old flour & sugar canisters come from my paternal grandmother, as well as little orange bowl that I stir the egg in. Eggs are from my hubby's happy hens. Stainless steel measuring cups came from boyfriend I was dating when I met hubby 42 years ago. Pastry blender from my MIL as well as crocheted potholders. Other pot-holder crocheted by youngest son.

Very well-worn wooden spoon from my mother; yellow Pyrex mixing bowl from my husband's aunt & I got the vanilla years ago from a friend whose husband used to go fishing once a year in Mexico ( BTW - 32 oz bottle goes for $2.50)!

The apron I wear is my mom's that she made from my grandmothers' pattern.

Well, you get the idea!

There's lots to think about while using these things...memories to recount...prayers spoken for the sorrowing...considering how we really connect to one another. It's amazing how 4 mini loaves of bread, baked in order to not waste the bananas, can transport one to another time, while at the same time cause us to appreciate the "now".

I think that may be why some folks don't like cooking...there's no connection to the stuff they're using. . .

Maybe I'll include a well-worn kitchen something or the other the next time I'm invited to a wedding. ;)

I am finish laundry; clean house; charge camera battery & put it back in camera! I forgot to when we went to see youngest son last weekend. I took 3 shots w/camera phone - just not the same.

I am wearing...khaki shorts, black tee-shirt & walking shoes.

I am reading...nada.

I am enjoy the process of this day.

Around the house…stuff gathering to be taken tomorrow.

One of my favorite things...old-fashioned family time!

My Have-Done List...I have taken the time to smell the roses, so to speak, by observing my personal Utopia. It doesn't "look" like Utopia . . . but some days it sure feels like it! Called my mom; prayed for young friend in financial trouble; resisted the urge to take pix. Brown bunnies on brown ground, with brown rocks in background=blah photo.

Something You May Not Know About Me: According to I'm only 48.5 years old.

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. . . Yesterday' kitchen counter.

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