Thursday, June 25, 2009

For Today - June 25, 2009 - Thursday

Outside My was already warm when I went walking @ 6:30. Lots of birds chirping & bullfrogs croaking on the lake.

Speaking of walking: I no longer walk my charming country road. About 2/10 mile up the road there are two very aggressive dogs that run out into the street. Very aggressive & one looks a lot like a pit bull. Considering east TX has had 3 pit bull attacks in 4-5 days (1 resulting in the death of a child) I'm very leary of continuing THAT walking route! So - I've started walking the dairy run here on the property. It's paved & goes uphill @ a pretty steep grade so it a good walk. Alas - once at the top & on the straght-away I can see the house where those two mean dogs live. SO - this means I have to be back home before hubby leaves for work.....I don't want to be attacked ANYWHERE....but certainly not out in the boonies where it's unlikely anyone would hear me. Maybe a phone call to the sheriff's office?
Anyway - these attacks have sparked a lot of debate about out-lawing the breed. That may be a good idea . . . . but who's going to enforce it? Manpower is already limitied.

Weather forecast is once again hot, hot, hot & dry, dry,dry. Heat index 106 - 110. A 37 year old man died yesterday. He was doing yard work & fence mending. Horrible.

I am hearing...voices from the TV. I don't ususally watch nor listen to it in the morning, but I want to hear the piece about twittering . . . . suppose to be on the Early Show.

I am thinking...I need to get back to sewing doll clothes.

I am grateful...know youngest son has A/C where he's staying. I think there's a bit of meteriologial shock coming from Oregon.

I am many women still "put up" veggies & fruit? It's rather common here, but maybe not everywhere? My daughter is queen of couponing & saves a ridiculous amount of money. See her blog:

Me? I "put up" & "can" whatever fruit/veggies we grow or people give us! And only occasionally use coupons.

From the kitchen...Well, there's a story in that kitchen! After freezing 4 gallons of blueberries, I baked 10 loaves of zucchini bread (oh - have we got zucchini)! Overweight golden retriever, Shiloh, ate 2 loaves! From the counter. While they were cooling! I was not amused. Will next time cool on top of fridge & washer/dryer!

BUT, in his defense (I say this sarcastically) it is one year this week, since we've brought him home to live with us. So I'm guessing he figured he was deserving of some celebrating!

I am going...Back to the kitchen - I will make a couple more batches of squash soup to put into the freezer & that's it! I think.

And sew.

And stay inside & keep cool

I am wearing...white capris, brown tee-shirt & walking shoes.

I am article by Ali Edwards about decluttering scrapbook supplies. At least that's what I think it's about. I'll print it & read later on.

I am stay headache free today.

Around the house…that picnic quilt is waiting for me to finish sewing on binding. It's a lazy project. Floors needs sweeping. And some GS paperwork need filing. Nothing really major 'cause I'm not "flipping rooms" nor working outside!

One of my favorite things...a daily routine.

My Have-Done List...practiced w/Lensbaby. Oh - no wonder Kathleen Clemons says to keep it on the camera for at least a week & shoot, shoot, shoot away! I didn't get one decent photo out of all that practicing! Ran errands, dealt w/GS business, but not completed it; already said I got 4 gal blueberries into the freezer along w/8 loaves of zucchini bread; & all those little things that make a house "nice"....swiped bathrooms, made bed, washed face, etc. I feel silly writing about it, but all those "little" things make up part of a day. . . .

froze some more squash patties; turned under & pinned on most of quilt binding; practiced some more geriatric psychology; folded load of laundry; listened to download of how to use Lensbaby.

emailed bank @ getting necessary stuff to take to judge tomorrow regarding United Way money; made & froze a big mess of tasty squash patties; worked in yard; laundry; reset/preset camera settings to what "I" want! Yay - that took quite a while as it involved lots of reading with camera right in front of me . . . . .

found out I WILL see youngest son in the next week or two! Enjoyed company of a young person; did laundry; played Mexican Train; made homemade Blueberry Danish for hubby on Father's Day; piddled in the yard - but not much; called SuddenLink only to be told they don't have anything to offer us out here. I politely asked them to quit sending me advertisements saying differently!

About Today's Photo . . . blueberries waiting for the freezer.

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