Thursday, June 11, 2009

For Today - June 11, 2009 - Thursday

Outside My's thundering in the distance & there's right now a light drizzle. That Red-Winged blackbird doesn't seem to mind. Neither do the tree frogs!

I am hearing...thunder & rain.

I am thinking...I like rainy weather every now & again.

I am wondering...what are centipedes good for?

From the kitchen...Scrambled egg sandwich & coffee.

I am continue organizing/reorganizing scrapbook stuff. Yesterday I did a bang up job of making sense of the letters . . .

I am wearing...white shorts, brown t-shirt & flip flops.

I am reading...nothing - but really need to read about using external flash before Saturday.

I am continue making progress. . .

Around the house…is order coming from disorder.

One of my favorite things...rain days. Not too many of them . . . but seeing as how it's almost the middle of June, I'm happy to have rain. The summers in east TX are usually unbearably hot & dry.

My Have-Done List...Sorted & organized scrapbook letters; made dental appt. for my mom; rescheduled my hair cut for 7/3; made arrangements to go get Kwabena tomorrow & bring him back here; & killed about 2 dozen centipedes; worked in yard; played w/camera.

Updated Good Sam's sales;& check register; called judge's office to get more information about Phase 27 for GS; set the diopter on my camera; read Lensbaby information; moved tons of scrapbooking stuff into dining room; rearranged 1/2 of armoire; got rid of 3 1/2 dozen videos we do NOT want to take time to convert to DVD; folded & put away load of clothes; called mom; worked out in flower beds, deadheading "Belinda's Dream" & I can't remember what else!

Called Mom; called insurance agent; gardened for 1 1/2 hours; walked; tidied & dusted living room; gathered all the stuff I need to file claim; balanced check book; put away external flash instead of playing with it; uploaded photos; edited a few of them too.

Something you may not know about me...I have a headache.

About Today's Photo . . . It's raining, I'm on dial up, no photo today.

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