Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For Today - June 24, 2009 - Wednesday

Outside My appears it's going to be another hot & humid day with the heat index 105. Saw map of TX last night & there wasn't a cloud nearby.

Once again the herbs send their comforting fragrance early in the morning. . . . blessing from God.

I am hearing...birds chirping & A/C humming. And of course 100 pound Shiloh snoring!
I am thinking...yesterday was the first time in the 12+ years we've been here that I lowered all the blinds. We enjoy looking out at the flowers & wildlife, etc., but not yesterday. Even though there's no sun shining directly in the house, it's way too bright outside. We could be living in an apartment for all you could tell from indoors. Except for the country sounds. They are forever present . . . and for that I'm grateful.

I am grateful...that we don't have to pay any fines for going through toll in Dallas w/o paying! It WAS an honest mistake . . . . following son who forgot we don't have ez tags.

I am wondering...when we'll get rain & some relief from this heat.

From the kitchen...There's still a few squash & zucchini left. And there's a big sack of bird seed sitting in the corner waiting for me to dispense it to the feeders & the rest put into the spare freezer.

I am the bank to get the copies I need; meet up w/Kay for her signature on the papers & then to the court house to turn in paperwork for Good Samaritan's 2nd installment of monies. Then to Gourmet Gardens to get blueberries. Last year I got 3 gallons & we ate the last of them last weekend in the Danish.

I am wearing...khaki shorts, white tank top & barefoot.

I am reading...The Revolution: A Manifesto by Ron Paul

I am hoping...those w/o A/C find safety. That youngest son stays safe in this heat.

Around the house…the picnic quilt is waiting for the binding to be sewn & the doll clothes are anxious for me to get them stitched!
One of my favorite things...5 1/2 hours sleep. :)

My Have-Done List...froze some more squash patties; turned under & pinned on most of quilt binding; practiced some more geriatric psychology; folded load of laundry; listened to download of how to use Lensbaby.

emailed bank @ getting necessary stuff to take to judge tomorrow regarding United Way money; made & froze a big mess of tasty squash patties; worked in yard; laundry; reset/preset camera settings to what "I" want! Yay - that took quite a while as it involved lots of reading with camera right in front of me . . . . .

found out I WILL see youngest son in the next week or two! Enjoyed company of a young person; did laundry; played Mexican Train; made homemade Blueberry Danish for hubby on Father's Day; piddled in the yard - but not much; called SuddenLink only to be told they don't have anything to offer us out here. I politely asked them to quit sending me advertisements saying differently!

Something you may not know about me...I'm hoping to some day have an outdoor shower! Wouldn't that be heavenly?

About Today's Photo . . . as miserable as I am during the summer heat - I still love the sight of happy sunflowers.

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