Wednesday, June 3, 2009

For Today - June 3, 2009 - Wednesday

Outside My is hot, hot, hot in Florida.

I am thinking...that I should be living in two different areas of the country: a summer home in Maine & a winter home in east TX.

I am on earth did someone confuse carrots & jalapenos? (see above)

From the & cocoa covered almonds. Lots of fruit on the counter & some divine tomatoes, too. Chicken thawing on the counter.

I am WalMart to buy dolly fabric.

I am wearing...white capri pants, black t-shirt & black Speedo flip flops. You know it's summer when you hear the flip flops flopping!

I am

I am cut out doll clothes

I am hearing...printer & rumblings upstairs. Is it "mudder" or is it 4 yo?

Around the house….much to do b4 DB's 7:00 meeting here.

One of my favorite things...looking @ awesome quilts. The Gee Bend quilts are fabulous, so full of energy & life. I don't think I like the photos of them 'cause they don't show the TEXTURE which is a large part of their appeal.

My Have-Done List...walked dog; visited quilt exhibit; made a new friend; ate divine food @ Biscotti's: Stuffed focaccia (stuffed w/lots of grilled veggies) & organic applie crisp . . . could have done worse as there were tons of chocolaty desserts; Oh yeah - & called mom; talked w/dd whose house/land appraised for $8K more than they're paying!

scrapped 45 of Brandy's photos . . . . found a great 2-page layout where you can scrap an entire event w/up to 25 photos. I'm stoked. . . . will use this layout for my own pages. For example - I will choose 25 of my favorite Christmas photos. Even if I never scrap the rest, at least the 25 best will be scrapped & the story told. PERFECT! And if not, it'll be just fine. BTW - I really do need to scrap that phrase some day!

Walked 3 miles this morning. 4 miles yesterday along w/Tigger, their 11 year old dog.

Bought doll pattern to start sewing for COS July b'day. AME played w/her American Girl doll until she was 14, so maybe I'll have 7 years of gifting for COS from these patterns.

Something you may not know about me... I am now addicted to cocoa covered almonds. I didn't know they existed until I came here & now they are my favorite "sweet" although not sweet at all.

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