Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For Today - June 10, 2009 - Wednesday

Outside My's overcast & 30% chance of rain.

I am hearing...dishwasher running, printer humming & the red-winged blackbird calling. And is that thunder in the distance?

I am thinking...some things never change.

I am wondering...why I keep making so much work for myself. Now I'm moving scrapbooking stuff from to the new dining room. Of course lots of the stuff isn't so pretty to look at so I'm putting into armoire. Then where do I put the cake stands, etc.? Arggh!

From the kitchen...Vanilla yogurt. And coffee.

I am be grateful for all that today brings. "This too is from Me". . . .

I am nightgown.

I am reading...Camera manual & Lensbaby instructions.

I am continue making progress. . .

Around the house….lots and lots of videos: some waiting to be given away & some waiting to be converted to DVDs. Instead of keeping them in the dining room built-in corner cabinet (which was originally for guns) they are now on shelves in Instead of guns or videos, I now have scrapbooking stuff in the corner cabinet.

One of my favorite things...Oder. . . . but I keep mixing up things!

My Have-Done List...Updated Good Sam's sales;& check register; called judge's office to get more information about Phase 27 for GS; set the diopter on my camera; read Lensbaby information; moved tons of scrapbooking stuff into dining room; rearranged 1/2 of armoire; got rid of 3 1/2 dozen videos we do NOT want to take time to convert to DVD; folded & put away load of clothes; called mom; worked out in flower beds, deadheading "Belinda's Dream" & I can't remember what else!

Called Mom; called insurance agent; gardened for 1 1/2 hours; walked; tidied & dusted living room; gathered all the stuff I need to file claim; balanced check book; put away external flash instead of playing with it; uploaded photos; edited a few of them too.

Something you may not know about me...I'm having a hard time comprehending the year is almost half over! Before you know - Christmas!

About Today's Photo . . . Slip 'n Slide was first introduced in 1961, & it still means summer to most American children!

Introduced in 1961, it's still means "summer" to most children . . . .

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