Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For Today - June 23, 2009 - Tuesday

Outside My Window.. it's going to be another hot day. Fortunately there's coolness in the morning & evening. There's toads in the garden, birds in the trees & shrub, bees in the vitex & a little cotton tail in the gardens, too. How sweet is that?

I am hearing...birds outside & Shiloh snoring right next to me. We gave him a new chew bone & he spent almost all night with it . . . . now he's sleeping. He is OBSESSED with food!

I am thinking...SIL will do well on his comprehensives, even though he is apprehensive. Will continue praying.

I am wondering...when I will see Kevin?

From the kitchen...not quite as many squash as I made a bunch of patties & froze them. Hopefully they will reheat nice & crispy. There's still a bunch in there & will make soup today & if a reheated patties tastes good, I'll make up some more. The baseball sized zucchini will most likely go to the chickens.

I am going...to eat breakfast; get dressed; call mama; fold 1 load of laundry; mail handmade cards; call Continental; take product to WW meeting.

I am wearing...peach-colored knit jammies & flip flops.

I am reading...Revolution by Ron Paul

I am hoping...to sil does well on his comps. I am hoping he relaxes. I am hoping he trusts. I am hoping he is well-rested.

Around the house…floors need sweeping & laundry needs folding.

One of my favorite things...having so much nature to enjoy. Bunnies & birds & bees & etc. are just too much! My most favorite of all is NOT SEE ANY SNAKES! I know they're around & I know they're beneficial but I DON'T WANT TO SEE THEM.

My Have-Done List...emailed bank @ getting necessary stuff to take to judge tomorrow regarding United Way money; made & froze a big mess of tasty squash patties; worked in yard; laundry; reset/preset camera settings to what "I" want! Yay - that took quite a while as it involved lots of reading with camera right in front of me . . . . .

found out I WILL see youngest son in the next week or two! Enjoyed company of a young person; did laundry; played Mexican Train; made homemade Blueberry Danish for hubby on Father's Day; piddled in the yard - but not much; called SuddenLink only to be told they don't have anything to offer us out here. I politely asked them to quit sending me advertisements saying differently!

Something you may not know about me...

About Today's Photo . . . I make really good 3 point Blueberry Danishes. These were for Father's Day breakfast. . . .

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  1. Hi, Vera! Gee....I'm not sure if I realized you had a blog! So glad to see you here and I love the way you do your blog - such a wonderful daybook of good stuff!

    ...and there are those danishes again! they look sooo good!