Monday, June 8, 2009

For Today - June 8, 2009 - Monday

Outside My Window
...there's still a tiny bit of a cool breeze & lots & lots of Black-eyed Susans, day lilies, roses, gladiolas, lavender, 4 o'clocks, mullein, lantana, hibiscus, salvias, Russian sage, more day lilies, cannas, petunias, geraniums, milkweed, Turk's Cap & Buddlia blooming. It's good to be back home among my flowers.

I am hearing...cicada's humming in the sun & some ground bird making funny noises. At least I think it's a ground bird. . . maybe it's injured? I'll go check after this is posted.

I am thinking...that Shiloh really needs a haircut. Floors were swept & vaccuumed by my sweet hubby last night & there's now a couple of sand piles where Shiloh's been laying!

I am wondering...if Continental will make good on my stolen GPS - pilfered from my checked baggage.

From the kitchen...yogurt & lots of fresh cherries. WM has them for $1.98/lb.

I am eat lunch, tidy house & create.

I am wearing...khaki shorts, white tank top & flip flops.

I am reading...manual to my external flash! Yay - it was waiting for me Saturday when I got home. Thank you WW Incredible Rewards! They finally made good on one of the items - the biggest & most important to me. I'm still waiting for Lensbaby lens, aperature discs, & flash extender.

I am gather all I need to file a claim w/Continental. At least I'm already in the computer's system.

Around the house….aforementioned doggy sand (just envision Charlie Brown's "Pig Pen" . . . that's Shiloh! :(

One of my favorite things...Creating: flower gardens, quilts, photos & stories.

My Have-Done List...Called Mom; called insurance agent; gardened for 1 1/2 hours; walked; tidied & dusted living room; gathered all the stuff I need to file claim; balanced check book; put away external flash instead of playing with it; uploaded photos; edited a few of them too.

Something you may not know about me... I really, really do enjoy my own alone time. I recharge by being by myself. . . .not with others. I stayed home from church yesterday 'cause I had to deal w/the airlines. In spite of that - it was good 'cause I got to be alone for a couple of hours.

About Today's Photo . . . The Alfred Hitchcock photo was shot at Potter's Wax Museum in St. Augustine, FL. The "Sunshine" State had lots of rain & we ducked in the museum in hopes of staying dry & had the best time snapping photos. BTW - this is the first & therefore oldest wax museum in the US.

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