Monday, June 22, 2009

For Today - June 22, 2009 - Monday

Kitchen before I started cook squash!

Outside My Window.. it's hot & sunny & a cloudless sky; all the same flowers; herbs & tomatoes as the last time I blogged. There's lots of GOLD in the front: golden colored day lilies & black eyed Susan . . . . gold is the color of east Texas summer. It still smells wonderful in the morning w/the lavender, basil, rosemary, oregano & mint . . . . very delightful.

Birds & a little Cotton Tail are now permanent residents in the front yard . . . just outside the kitchen window.

I am hearing...right now? The A/C humming. I'm not certain it's turned off even once today!

I am went from pleasant Spring-time weather to blistering Texas summer heat overnight! Blech! I hate it . . . hate, hate, hate, this hot, bright sun. It hurts my head, my eyes . . . my very brains!

I am long that little Cotton Tail will hang around?

From the kitchen...lot of summer squash & zucchini. I made up a lot of squash patties, which are divine with Parmesan cheese in them. I'm hoping they will freeze well. There's zucchini the size of baseball bats! I think they will become chicken feed.

I am clean up kitchen. Lots of squash mess to clean up.

I am wearing...white shorts, purple t-shirt, shoes & tomato soup red apron w/gold flowers. I'm a sight - that's for sure! Very colorful!

I am reading...Revolution by Ron Paul

I am quickly clean kitchen - put some final touches on wildlife scrapbook page & maybe finish journaling on a couple of other layouts. Oh - & fold & put away laundry.

Around the house…the nice settling back down after having overnight guests.

One of my favorite things...having young people here! M's cousin's daughter was here for the weekend - a very delightful young lady. She'll be going to A&M this year so will have to kidnap her for Thanksgiving!

My Have-Done List...found out I WILL see youngest son in the next week or two! Enjoyed company of a young person; did laundry; played Mexican Train; made homemade Blueberry Danish for hubby on Father's Day; piddled in the yard - but not much; called SuddenLink only to be told they don't have anything to offer us out here. I politely asked them to quit sending me advertisements saying differently!

Something you may not know about me...I was executive secretary to national president of LULAC

About Today's Photo . . . This is how the kitchen looked over the weekend & before dealing with the squash!

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  1. Wish the ENTIRE photo showed up . . . cropping is horrible!