Monday, July 19, 2010

For Today - July 19, 2010 - Monday

Outside My Window. . .it's partly sunny. Squirrels are playing in the trees & are running on the fences.

And a snake is underneath house. Apparently one did not get the memo that don't want any snakes near the house. There was one 2' - 3' long sunning on a shelf near the kitchen steps. He was fairly skinny, and dark. He was lumpy so I'm guessing he had been snacking on skinks? I showed him mercy & merely attempted to sweep him off but he didn't cooperate as he simply crawled down a shelf support & then went underneath the house. There is at least one snake under my house. I am not happy about that.

Snakes never were very good at following rules, were they?

I Am Hearing . . .A Jim Palmer podcast & the water hitting the house from the water sprinkler. I have one of those old-fashioned ones made of brass, with 3 or 4 *arms* that spin around, slinging out water. I like the sound.

I Am Wearing . . .white capris, red shirt, black flip/flops

I Am Thinking . . . I need to call my snake friend who lives in the country & isn't one bit scared of snakes. I need her advice about keeping them out from underneath the house.

I Am Wondering . . .if there is any possible way that snake can get into the house? I wish they would just stay on the ground. Then all I'd have to concern myself with would be grass & leaves. I don't like the idea they can climb. They can climb anything. At the other house we had one who climbed the brick wall & onto the glass window. I really was buggered up over that!

I Am Grateful. . . that God is a God of love, not of fear, regardless of what "religionanity" may say.

From The Kitchen . . . oddly enough, a pot of chicken and rice soup. You see, there was leftover chicken & chicken bones. And leftover rice. And since I had onion & carrots, etc, it was just too easy to make soup. Never mind it's 108 w/the heat index!

I Am Reading . . . an email from an online friend who is a fabulous photographer. I contacted her about an upcoming photo shoot, asking her advice & she was gracious enough to share her experiences with me. You can see some of her photos here. . . .

I Am Hoping. . .to learn more and more about my camera & develop the skills to take great photos.

Around The House . . . folded laundry to put away & a bit of a mess in the Nature Room. I changed a few things. . . & need to get rid of what I'm not going to use or find a place for it.

One Of My Favorite Things
. . .is Love. Not fear. Not *should*. Not a religious *to do* list. But Love. God is love.

Something You May Not Know About Me. . . I plan to roast a turkey this week! My daughter has been storing one in her freezer for us & it's time for it to turn into a bunch of meals. This is part of my goal to not spend any grocery money this week.

About Today's Photo. . . a detail of the water sprinkler. I thought it appropriate since it also resembles a snake!

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