Thursday, August 5, 2010

For Today - August 5, 2010 - Thursday

Outside My Window. . .It is sunny.  Yesterday's heat index was 115 degrees.  I heard on news that the South is better off than Chicago or NYC because we have air conditioners!  Of course not everyone can afford A/C, but the middle class & rich have air conditioning.  I'm guessing that the middle class in other areas of the country don't bother installing a/c because 1) it's usually not so extremely hot & 2) their hot weather doesn't last more than several weeks.  But when it's hot - it's HOT!  And I know upstate NY gets HOT!

Although I don't see them right this minute, it appears we have two Barred Owls hanging around the property.  We saw them again the other night.  I'm guessing it's a pair, but we don't know for certain.  Owen, the first one we saw weeks ago, even escorted me about a quarter of a mile on my morning walk one day last week! How fun, since the owl has been associated with not only wisdom, but protection, too!

I Am Hearing . . .Cicadas & air conditioning.

I Am Wearing . . .red chambray nightshirt & white shorts.

I Am Thinking . . . the economy is not doing better.  We know two men, in their fifties, who got laid off from work; one in east TX & the other in Houston metro.

And when I volunteered at Good Sam  yesterday, we had 3 more families sign up for  food.  There were a lot of them waiting when I arrived at 8:55AM.

I Am Wondering . . .if I, or any of my friends, would have waited hours in Tuesday's heat, for a big bag of carrots, a huge head of cabbage & a loaf of bread.  Actually, I'm not wondering - I know I wouldn't!

One lady passed out.  It's a wonder it was only one.  Heat index got up to 108 that day.

I Am Grateful. . . for a good night's sleep!  I slept straight through 8 1/2 hours!  This is unheard of for me, as I normally get 3 - 4 hours sleep.  This is how I did it.  I hate to bore you & feel free to skip, but I want to be able to come back to this to try the formula again!  And again!

I went for an almost 2 mile walk in the evening.  The side road is in the shade & even though I got all sweaty, it wasn't terribly bad.  I came home & bathed, adding salts to the tub.  I then ate a very light supper, since it was now after 8 PM.  A great big salad!  I then rubbed lavender oil on the bottom of my feet, drank my magnesium & took a lot of my supplements that are suppose to be taken before bed.  I went to bed a little after 9 PM, read for a while & lights out by 9:30.  I woke about 5:45 AM. . . . went back to sleep & got up at 8.    I feel wonderful!

From The Kitchen . . . Pork in the slow cooker!  This is the best pulled pork ever!  It's Hungry Girl's recipe.

I Am Reading . . . nada

I Am Hoping. . . to finish editing & burning CDs.

Around The House . . . Laundry is sorted but can't wash as hubby disconnected the water in that area of the house.  He took out the sink & tore all awful wall board from the guest bath & since the laundry is nearby, it too has no water! 

One Of My Favorites
. . . Well, apparently a good night's sleep!

Something You May Not Know About Me. . .  I have a plan to tear down & relocate all the out-buildings within the next couple of years!

About Today's Photo. . .
Little orange bowl is what my grandparents kept bacon grease in!  I don't think many do that anymore.  Blue Fiesta plate was a thrift find for a dime.  Red mug holds hot peppermint *tea* (really just hot water & peppermint oil!) was bought w/a friend on a rare shopping trip.  She lives in Florida.  Pears were part of photo shoot payment!

It was a happy, albeit slow morning.  A gentle reminder to pray for family & friends.  Amen.

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  1. Oh yes, I'm up in the NE and we never installed central A/C because we don't usually get stretches of heat/humidity. Plus, we were young when we built this house, and it didn't bother me, then. :-)

    But as I age, I really need to escape into an A/C room, now and then. And lots, in stretches of heat/humidity. When I complain, I usually try to say that I'm very glad I'm able to have some A/C window units! Not everyone has. :-) Counting our blessings, as it were.

    Yes, the economy is still in the pits. How much longer do they get away with blaming the last guy?