Thursday, December 9, 2010

For Today - December 9, 2010

Outside My Window. . . It is just getting light. . . . and it is cold!  But not as cold as Oslo, Norway, where my youngest son is visiting until the end of January!

I Am Thinking. . . I need to tidy up the house.  I've been gone since Monday, getting home last evening. 

I Am Grateful. . .that I got to spend the last couple of days w/my daughter-in-law & grand-kids.  They are the best!  I'm also grateful for having much of the Christmas shopping done.

In The Kitchen . . . I am smelling meat pies and franincense!  I bet that is indeed an original sentence. . . one arethat's not been spoken before!  LOL 

Meat are pies  in the oven for breakfast because there are no eggs nor oatmeal.  Nothing else hot to eat!!!!  So out from the freezer came a meat pie from Lasyone's Meat Pie Restaurant in  Natchitoches, Louisiana.  Hubby made a run there not too long ago to buy some to have for Christmas.  He bought enough to have a few extra ahead of time!  The kitchen is getting warm from heating them up in the oven!

There is also the aroma of frankincense.  I bought some resin & burned some in the kitchen this morning.  A wonderful, wonderful fragrance!

I Am Creating. . . .a place I like to be!  I love being at home.  I love tweaking the decor.  I love cooking & baking & laughing & loving here in this little  home!

I Am Going. . . to call mama, do some laundry, tidy house, & vacuum.  And have the 7th of 8th Bible study sessions here today.

I Am Reading . . . my  Bible lesson.

I Am Hoping . . . .my son can survive the Oslo winter!  Current time there: 2 PM.  Current temps: 5 degrees F.! 

I Am Hearing . . . the EdenPURE humming & the oven cycling on/off as it heats my breakfast.

Around The House . . . Frankincense, Christmas decor, and a cat.  We're cat-sitting for youngest son.  She is the sweetest cat there ever was.   Content to travel across country w/son, she seems to be adapting well to the cozy little cabin.  This is not her home of origin - the old house was - but she seems to be just fine.  Even w/our bear of a dog: Shiloh!

I Am Wearing. . . two pairs of socks, Cuddle Duds, velour pants, turtleneck & velour robe.  It's chilly in here!

I Am Thinking . . . there's no place like home!

I Am Wondering . . . how son is enjoying Norway in winter!

One Of My Favorite Things. . .Getting & staying warm!  I don't like it hot - I don't like it cold.  Warm/cool work best for me!

Something You May Not Know About Me. . . My least favorite Christmas song is "Frosty the Snowman".  I think I was hearing it in stores/restaurants while it was still  October!

About Today's Photo. . .My son after a whirlwind drive from Oregon to Texas; a quick shower, 1.5 hour nap, and on the way to the airport, 3 hours away! 

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