Monday, November 15, 2010

For Today - November 15, 2010 - Monday

Outside My Window. . . Cool, damp & cloudy. The lighting has been horrible for the last 3 days, with the sun peeking out very infrequently. Even though the autumn foliage is the best it has been in years. . . . I haven't taken any shots yet. I'm waiting for the sun & camera to have to have a convergence! :)

I Am Thinking. . . .My mama is happiest going to the doctor every 2 or 3 months. . . apparently just to have him tell her she's doing fine. She's 89 & gets around on her own, so I guess it's a plan that works for her!

I Am Grateful. . . for a very blessed Sunday. Yesterday was son-in-law's birthday. My daughter made his favorite, White Chili & a scrumptious cake! Friends were there to celebrate & we ate, David opened presents, we halfheartedly watched football & played a rousing game of Uno!

From The Kitchen . . . A couple of leftover baked potatoes, a pan of cornbread, some chili brought home from my daughter's. Supper is going to be easy tonight!

I Am Creating. . . .a plan for this week that includes a trip to mama's doctor.

I Am Going. . . . .to hang shutters, sweep/vacuum & do a bit of laundry.

I Am Reading . . .Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple: God's Love Manifest in Molecules by Dr. David Stewart.

I Am Hoping . . . . To edit a few photos.

I Am Hearing . . . clocks ticking & the Eden Pure humming.

Around The House . . .A tiny bit of tidying up. . . . main culprit being dog hairs!

I Am Wearing. . . Oh. My. Now you must remember - one of my most favorite things is to be able to stay home & not get dressed, etc. So - at 10:38 I'm still in quite a get-up. Plaid flannel sleep pants, a black turtleneck, gray sweatshirt, hot pink leg warmers (but you can't see them unless I pull up the pant legs!) & big & thick house socks! I am a sight! But I'm toasty warm & oh-so-very-comfortable!

I Am Thinking . . . I really want a pistol. And Concealed Handgun classes.

I Am Wondering . . . why, even though mama's test came back negative for an UTI, her doctor wrote her a prescription for an antibiotic? This really frustrates & irritates me. Antibiotics are wonderful life saving drugs when not misused!

One Of My Favorite Things. . .Apparently staying home & looking completely tacky!

Something You May Not Know About Me. . . I am a huge Big Bang Theory fan. Those boys make me laugh!

About Today's Photo. . . Amanda & A# with the delicious Heat Bar Cake! I've tried adding some more pix, but blogger will post them only on their side, even though I've saved them right-side-up. If anyone can tell me how to correct this, I'll post them.
2010 11 14 018, originally uploaded by Vera*Smith.

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