Tuesday, November 16, 2010

For Today - November 16, 2010 - Tuesday

Outside My Window. . . Cool!  Sunny!  Crisp leaves!  Lots of little acorns!

I Am Thinking. . . .I know how to make inexpensive meals.  For instance, when I bake potatoes, I bake extra & store in the refrigerator (not in the foil, though.  My friend told me not to).  Then when I need a quick meal I dice them, toss into iron skillet with a bit of heated olive oil or butter, add some minced onion & there you have it: homemade hash-browns!  Poach a couple of eggs & there you have it: an easy, peasy breakfast or as it will be tonight: breakfast for dinner!

I Am Grateful. . . that yesterday was a very lazy day for me.  The last several weeks have been go, go, go & it was nice to have a lazy day.

From The Kitchen . . . A teapot on the stove.  I love my  hot tea! 

I Am Creating. . . .a neat house . . . didn't do it yesterday.

I Am Going. . . . .to get mama & then we'll both get our hair cut.  I'm in the process of growing it out. . . . I can't stand it on my neck in the summer & keep it short. . . . in the winter I can't stand cold air on my neck & need it longer.  So. . . . it's at that awkward stage.

I Am Reading . . .Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple: God's Love Manifest in Molecules by Dr. David Stewart.

I Am Hoping . . . . to speed through the household chores.

I Am Hearing . . . clocks ticking & the Eden Pure humming, the washing machine spinning & acorns & branches falling on the metal roof.  I don't worry about it, though.  The metal is tough & the walls are even tougher.  I think I've mentioned that the walls appear to be petrified.  For real.  Isn't that something?

Around The House . . .A bed to make, dishes to put away & dog hair to eliminate!

I Am Wearing. . . Oh.  You don't want to know.  Really.  You don't.

I Am Thinking . . .today might be a good day to take pix of the beautiful foliage.

I Am Wondering . . . if I should take pix or clean house!

One Of My Favorite Things. . .Cool, crisp, sunny days.

Something You May Not Know About Me. . . I used to love lots of color.  The other house had red walls, gold walls & gray walls.  This house has more neutral walls.  And I've removed most of the colored dishes from the open upper kitchen cabinets & replaced them with white ironstone.  There is still plenty of color - - - don't get me wrong!  Not at all minimalist or completely neutral.  I's just now I'd rather see the light & its effect on neutral surfaces.  Light & shadows are taking a more important role than color. 

About Today's Photo. . .There's nothing like the fragrance of fresh towels. . . . . Here - take a deep breath!

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