Monday, November 1, 2010

For Today - November 1, 2010 - Monday


Outside My Window. . .it is warm & muggy & foggy.

I Am Thinking. . . .I am the luckiest most blessed woman I know!

I Am Grateful. . . for a safe trip yesterday & the chance to visit w/both my hubby & sweetest of all daughters while on the road.

From The Kitchen . . . Cinnamon Toast. And dishes that need to be washed!

I Am Creating. . . . a life that I love, love, love!

I Am Going. . . . .to make a bank deposit, stop by Good Samaritan & take a check to John, to buy cases of oil to hand out to our clients.

I Am Reading . . . the bright pink booklet, explaining how to work the polls.

I Am Hoping . . . . to get the house into shape & start on my Project Display. I ended up not working on it at all this past weekend as hubby & I were asked to walk in a parade & toss poison candy to the children.

I Am Hearing . . . acorns falling on the metal roof & the washing machine spinning.

Around The House . . . Stuff. . . . just ordinary weekend stuff to be put away & tidy up. Nothing remarkably messy. . . .

I Am Wearing. . . Oh - you're not going to believe this! Turquoise 3/4 sleeved v-neck T, walking shoes AND red plaid flannel pajama pants! Yep - you heard right! I am SO stylin' this morning!

Hubby, daughter & I made a quick day-trip yesterday & I ended up spending the night @ DD's house. I didn't have pajamas w/me so I borrowed the plaid pajama pants. We had to hit the road very early this morning & I didn't feel like putting my khakis back on, so she drove me home in this outrageous combo!

I Am Thinking . . that the load of whites is probably ready to go into the dryer.

I Am Wondering . . . how productive today will be. I'm not a big fan of cloudy weather. Not when I need to get things done.

One Of My Favorite Things. . .A clean kitchen. And I was happy to bless my daughter & wash, dry & put away all her dishes & have her start her week w/a relatively clean kitchen.

Something You May Not Know About Me. . .When it's hubby, daughter & myself traveling. . . . I let my daughter ride in the front with my husband. I use the excuse of her bad back. . . . but really it's because they don't get to spend as much time together as she & I do, & I know they especially enjoy the time together in the front!

About Today's Photo. . . Sweetest & youngest granddaughter in the prairie costume I made her. Isn't she adorable? This fantastic photo was taken by my son (on his cell phone, no less!) - edited by me.


  1. Love how COS' outfit turned out - it looks great!

  2. Thanks Amanda - - - I'm pleased w/it, too & she looks so darn cute in it!!!