Saturday, October 30, 2010

For Today - October 30, 2010 - Saturday

Outside My Window. . .It's chilly & the sun has almost completely set.  Bright yellow mums are watered.  A few of the brightly colored leaves & acorns are swept from the sidewalk.  The rug has been shaken out & is back down in front of the door.

I Am Hearing . . . the football game that my hubby is watching in the next room.

I Am Wearing. . . white jeans, red turtleneck, black fleece vest & walking shoes.

I Am Thinking . . that I need to go wash dishes & tidy the kitchen before making supper!

I Am Wondering . . . how much I will get done tonight.  There is *stuff* on the dining room table.  *Stuff* I need to work on a project.  I was *suppose* to work on that project today, but instead I walked in a parade w/my hubby throwing out candy to the kidlets & then visited w/my daughter for longer than I intended.  But my hubby wasn't going to be home & her hubby was gone, so it was just us two girls & we had a great, great visit.

I Am Grateful. . . for a fun & low-key kind of day.

From The Kitchen . . . Since we had Mexican food for lunch, supper is going to be meager: Chicken Soup.

I Am Reading . . . The bright pink booklet, explaining how to work the polls.

I Am Hoping. . .to get ideas for my project so I can work on them Monday morning. 

Around The House . . .  Really nothing much except a project in progress & a few dishes to wash.

One Of My Favorite Things
. . .Hearing my hubby relaxing in the next room. 

Something You May Not Know About Me. . .I once was an Election Judge. . . . maybe you didn't know that.

About Today's Photo. . . Me. . . . this is about as *costumed* as I get!  :)

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