Thursday, March 19, 2009

For Today - March 19, 2009 - Thursday

Outside My Window... it's a little bit foggy but not as foggy as yesterday (see above photo). And the birds are alive with song: Flickers, Wrens, Sparrows, Cardinals, Mockingbirds, Flycatchers, Woodpeckers & Redwing Blackbirds. Spring has DEFINITELY arrived in east Texas!

I am difficult it is to watch our children & grandchildren learn the harshness of life. My oldest son's family lost a little Terrier the other day...Jack. Jack had a bad habit of escaping from the the backyard & so he could "cut & run" the neighborhood. [We once had the same breed of dog, Lady, & she had the same bad habit]. Anyway - Jack was found dead at the end of the alley & the little children are especially devastated.

My son, being a responsible, loving pet owner have rules for their pets & likewise the loving, just God gives us boundaries for our good, in order for us to live full, abundant lives. So many times, though we think He's being mean & is a real "kill joy" . . . . when what He really wants is to protect us from danger & to keep us near Him. He is indeed the grandest of protectors.

This is a tough object lesson . . . & I'm still praying for my son & his family . . .

I am wondering...if the man in the beat up pickup truck is at the highway intersection selling flowers. He always has very good prices & even though a bit higher than Hughes Plants, I don't have to drive nearly as far.

I am thankful for....this glorious weather. I dislike extreme heat or cold . . . I guess that's why Spring & Fall are my favorite seasons.

From the kitchen...there's a clean refrigerator & cookbooks on the counter, waiting for me to decide what to cook while kids are here.

I am quickly tidy my bedroom, get cleaned up & run errands.

I am wearing...jeans, t-shirt & sox. . .

I am reading...cookbooks!

I am spend some time outside today.

I am hearing...birds. I know you must get tired of me saying so . . . . but since I'm always in the same room 'cause I don't have a laptop, I hear the same things . . . birds. But since they're my favorite animal - I guess it works out just perfectly for me!

Around the house….Clean & neat - all ready to visit with friends.

One of my favorite things...visits w/friends & family!!! T&C are spending part of their vacation with us! Yay! And AME is coming tomorrow! What fun!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The deposit for me & Good Samaritan; menu planning; grocery shopping; flower buying.

Something you may not know about me...I buy geraniums EVERY year for the window box. . . I love them . . . they 're so universal . . . & they make me smile

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  1. Where have you been for the past two weeks??? Not blogging...*ahem*