Saturday, December 5, 2009

For Today - December 5, 2009 - Saturday

Outside My Window . . . Sunny & frigid! It is gloriously sunny & cold --- without a cloud in the sky & not even a tiny breeze. Oh - & we never did get snow. Not even one, tiny fragile flake. It was much ado about nothing, as old Willie once said!

I am hearing. . . birds in what's left of the Tax roses! Hubby started taking down the greenhouse last Saturday & pulled up all the rose bushes on the north side of the structure, leaving all the ones on the south side. I guess they've gotten used to the new arrangement, because the wrens & goldfinches, etc. are chirping up a storm!

I Am Wearing. . . black fleece pants & a red turtleneck underneath a black v-neck shirt. Both long-sleeved! The mail man said I looked nice!

I Am Thinking. . . that Shiloh is a cold weather kind of guy! He still much prefers being indoors, but he spends more time outside now that the cold weather has arrived!

I am wondering . . . if I gave away my Alexandra Stoddard books or are they packed away? Since we want the view from indoors to be the focal point of the rooms, I've been advised to treat the windows themselves like art. And Tara suggested I read Stoddard's book, "Living Beautifully" to get a vision for making the windows themselves "art". I know I once had the book - - - plus several others of hers. But did I take it to the thrift store or did I pack it? I'm sure hoping I packed it!

I Am Gratefull. . . for hubby taking me out to eat last night. We went to "The Iron Horse Mercantile", which had all-you-can-eat fried catfish & shrimp buffet. I'm also grateful we don't go every Friday night!

Saw a sign that we're considering for the porch of the little red cabin in the woods, "Step down off your high horse or leave". It makes me smile! Although I'm not too big a fan of "word" plaques. Especially in the garden & porches!

From the kitchen . . . Good Sam "stuff" & my "stuff" & boxes and bouquets & Earl Gray Tea.

I am going . . . to clean that kitchen & pack. Or dream about landscaping.

I am reading . . . Still more from Tara Dillard.

I am hoping . . . to refrain from digging through packed book boxes in the hopes of finding Stoddard's book!

Around the house . . . The sweet scent of spicy, old-fashioned roses! And green polyfill. Shiloh has chewed up his dog bed, pulling out the stuffing!

One of my favorite things . . . Planning & dreaming & day dreaming & planning!

Something you may not know about me . . . I'm pretty neanderthal when it comes to designing blogs! DD (of updated my blog for me! Isn't it pretty?

About Today's Photo...I was going to post a photo of the bouquet, but the computer keeps malfunctioning when I try - - - so no photo today :(

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