Wednesday, December 9, 2009

For Today - December 9, 2009 - Wednesday

Outside My Window . . .it is windy & cold & sunny! Yay!!!!! Perfect December weather!

I am hearing. . . birds fussing about the wild roses being gone & Rachael Ray on TV.

I Am Wearing. . . black turtleneck, black fleece vest & red fleece pants. Toasty warm am I!

I Am Thinking. . . . That I'll end up packing the entire house by myself. Hubby will be stuck with the storage shed out back. I have much to do.

I am wondering . . . when youngest son will be here. He's offered to come & help us paint, clean up, dig up & transplant, move to the little red cabin in the woods!

I Am Grateful. . . to have such a full, rich life. Nothing boring about it! Oh - others may think it's boring but I have a husband who is true; children who love me; friends who are always there for me; hobbies that challenge me; & roses that are still blooming!

From the kitchen . . . Hot chocolate. The stuff that is 1 point per cup - - - not the dark chocolate that is 3 points a cup. Just not worth it!

I am going . . . to continue packing, doing laundry, & peek in on Rachel Ray every now and again.

I am reading . . . & Tara Dillard's book Garden Paths and Stepping Stones

I am hoping . . . to finish packing the dining room. It has lots & lots & lots of stuff in there. Remember: 4 tables, china hutch, armoire, floor to ceiling bookcase, gun cabinet & storage bench. Oh - a little green chest. Never mind - - - I don't think I'll finish today after all!

Around the house . . . like my daughter says of her place: the smell of boxes & tape. And hot chocolate & roses.

One of my favorite things . . . A cold sun shiny day!

Something you may not know about me . . . I buy books faster than I resell them on eBay! Remember, I live in a small town & the library usually doesn't have what I want! :(

About Today's Photo...Original Christmas art displayed on the town square.

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