Saturday, December 5, 2009

For Today - December 7, 2009 - Monday

Outside My Window . . . Oh - it's dreary & cloudy & cold & not at all pleasant to be out & about! Lantanas, which were blooming profusely a few days ago, are not all frost bitten. So is the Butterfly Milkweed. The greenhouse is totally dismantled & the songbirds which used to fill the monster roses are a bit discombobulated. There were a few fighting for who was going to perch on the two water spigots that are still standing above ground. :(

I am hearing. . . the heater running & the tea kettle whistling! BRB!

I Am Wearing. . . it's shameful to admit, but I'm still in my flannel pajamas with a white turtleneck shirt beneath! When there is no sun, I'm get chilled & can't seem to get warm!

I Am Thinking. . . . about serving the cats & dog in cut glass bowls! I'm sorting through my stuff & I have an inordinate amount of serving dishes. Since the cats (have I written about them yet?) & dog will need to eat out of something - - - why not a heavy, pretty cut glass bowl?

My girlhood friend, Brenda, served her cats out of the prettiest little dishes. At the time I thought she was a bit eccentric & over indulgent. But now I know what she knew 20 years ago: If you have it - - - use it!

Why should I water houseplants with a cracked Tupperware pitcher when I have a gorgeous silver one hidden away? Why store (and serve) apple juice out of a plastic bottle when I have a fabulous old decanter? Same for bath salts!

It's one thing to display these lovely items when there's room to do so. But the new dogtrot in the woods will not have near the amount of space. So out of the house with the broken & plastic & ugly, & out of the cupboards come the pretty & delightful! As one of my Facebook Friends said, "the critters will think they're in tall cotton"!

I am wondering . . . if I should get dressed and go to Good Samaritan to hunt for boxes? I got some wonderful (read "not ginormous")ones last week. Most of the ones we have are too large for china & books!

I Am Grateful. . . that someone named Elizabeth brought my mom some popcorn & a candy cane. It made mama so happy that she just called me to tell me so! Such a small thing, but the workers at the assisted living facility know she likes popcorn & someone went out of their way to pop some & bring it to her! It made my mama smile & laugh. It really is the little things. . . .

From the kitchen . . . Hot chocolate!

I am going . . . to maybe get dressed & continue packing the dining room. You need to know there's 4 dining room tables in there (never used more than 3 at a time); a china hutch, an armoire, floor to ceiling bookcase, gun cabinet (filled with scrap-booking stuff, don't you know) & a built in bench with storage. I think that room may have the most "stuff" in it of any other room. Except maybe the laundry/storage/library/pantry room!

I am reading . . . &, seeing as how I've read EVERYTHING at Tara Dillard's blog!

I am hoping . . . to make really good progress in the dining room.

Around the house . . . the remains of the bouquet I picked last week before the frost, boxes, and boxes, and more boxes!

One of my favorite things . . . Planning my gardens!

Something you may not know about me . . . even though I'm Czech/German I don't like nor drink beer!

About Today's Photo...I'm finally able to post a pic of the flowers picked last week before the freeze!

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