Thursday, December 3, 2009

For Today - December 3, 2009 - Thursday

Outside My Window. . . it is very cold & bright & sunny! The rose bushes are loaded with flowers & buds. I think I'll pick a bouquet today so they don't get knocked back by the freeze they predicting for early Saturday morning.

The ones that are blooming are all the heirloom roses: Erfurt, Belinda's Dream, Crimson Cascade, Climbing Old Blush, Ballerina, Mutabulis & others are blooming beautiful!

I am hearing. . . silence. All is quite, except for my tapping on the keyboard.

I am thinking . . . I live in a most wonderful small, rural community. I volunteered yesterday at Good Samaritan, where we handed out grocery sacks & boxes of food to 67 families, totally 186 people. And we'll do it again & again until we close for Christmas. Our community gives of their time, money, resources & energy. We never, no never, ever had to turn away someone because there was nothing to give them. I could not feed 186 people all by myself. But I can help feed them with all the others who volunteer. So can you ;)

I am wondering . . . if the closing on the house will actually occur on 12/11/09 or if there will be some type of hiccup?

I Am Grateful. . . that God's fingerprints are all over this little red cabin in the woods!

I wish I knew how to link to past posts of mine because the story continues on! Remember that darling white house with black shutters I was so enamored with? I'll have to go back & discover exactly when I blogged about it. Anyway - after many visits to the house & conversations with the homeowners we settled on a price & we were pretty much ready to proceed! We were ready to proceed, that is, until we got a phone call from the husband who said they were divorcing & his wife & children would be staying in the house. Well guess what!? While I was at Good Sam yesterday, the hubby left a message on my cell phone saying they've reconciled & they were once again selling the house!!!!

Normally I don't think God really cares which house a person chooses to live in, as long as they can afford it & aren't caught up in "the pride of life". I heard a radio preacher put it like this: It's like baking oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, & snicker-doodle cookies & telling your child he can have one. We don't sit back & say, "He better pick the chocolate chip. If he chooses the snicker-doodle, I'm gonna' be so mad at him"! We don't have a preference . . . we just want to bless the kiddos with homemade cookies! He said it's the same about lots of choices we make in life. As long as it's affordable, safe & in good running condition, God maybe really doesn't care if we drive a Chevy or a Ford!

But in the case of the house we'll be moving into, I think He did have a preference! Everything about the white house with black shutters seemed to be God ordained from how we found it, to the next door neighbors, to the lot size, out buildings, fishing pond, etc.! Everything! And then the day the air conditioning man was suppose to come, the husband called Murray & told him they were divorcing, etc. Oh - I must add here that we prayed mightily that if it was not the best for us, that God would slam shut the door! And boy, did He! This was followed by requesting He also slam the door shut on my heart. . . . which He also did!

And the following Saturday I got up & found the little red cabin in the woods! And we are convinced, without a doubt, that this is the house God wants us in! We don't know why. . . but I'm sure we'll continue to see His hand in this decision. Life is so exciting when you're looking for evidence of HIM being involved in your life!

From the kitchen . . . Hot oatmeal + walnuts + apples = yummy, filling breakfast!

I am going . . . to call mom, do some more packing & sweep floors.

I am wearing . . . black fleece pants with a white turtleneck & underneath them all, CuddlDuds!

I am reading . . . LANDSCAPE DESIGN Decorating Styling; VANISHING THRESHOLD: Home Garden Life. Otherwise known as I love the blurring of the indoors with the outdoors.

I am hoping . . . my sore throat goes away completely.

Around the house . . . It's gonna' be the same, day after day: piles & boxes!

One of my favorite things . . . Our Korean Sweetheart tree & our Japanese maple. Have been going over & over in my mind where to plant them at the house. I want to see them from either the porch. Or the living room. Or the kitchen. :)

Something you may not know about me . . . I haven't drank coffee in forever! I've completely converted to hot tea instead!

About Today's Photo...Since we won't be decorating for Christmas (we'll be packing instead) I thought I'd start adding photos from Christmases past. This is hubby & me last year.

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