Monday, November 30, 2009

For Today - November 30, 2009 - Monday

Outside My Window. . . it's chilly & rainy; a very overcast day with a predicted high of 56. Blech!

I am hearing. . . my tummy growl.

I am thinking . . . I have lots & lots to pack!

I am wondering . . . how well packing decorative items by color family is going to work. I "think" in color; so theoretically speaking it all makes sense to me. I guess I won't know until we get moved & I start unpacking!

From the kitchen . . . Special K cereal.

I am going . . . to make guest bed; sweep floors & pack, pack, pack!

I am wearing . . . navy wind pants & navy/white t-shirt hoodie.

I am reading . . . paint chips! I keep going through the fan of 1800 paint colors!

I am hoping . . . to pack for 3 hours today.

Around the house . . . nice colorful piles!!!

One of my favorite things . . . "COLOR"!! I love color! I also love black & white photography - - - but I'm so glad the world is in color. I see color all the time. I won't know the make/model of a vehicle but I can tell you what color it is! I remember colors from my childhood. I know the color of my grandpa's house, even though I haven't been in it for decades! I love color. Funny thing? I seldom wear a lot of color. I'm usually sporting something very neutral!

Something you may not know about me . . . We didn't make it to Lake Livingston on Saturday. Hubby wanted to work on dismantling the greenhouse until about noon, then get ready & leave about 1 PM. I knew if we did this we most likely wouldn't make it as tearing down the greenhouse is a monumental job! It includes pulling up those native roses I'm always writing about. You know the ones, the ones with hundreds of birds in them? Well, not any more as he successfully dug up the ones on the north side of the greenhouse. I suggested we wait for youngest son to show up & use his monster truck to pull them up. We could wrap a chain around the bush & have the truck pull them out. But no, he had to do it on Saturday. And by the time he was through with one side of the greenhouse he was too exhausted to do anything else, so we didn't go to Livingston to visit with some out of state relatives of his.

About Today's Photo...Hubby & oldest son getting ready to deep fry that turkey!

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