Monday, November 9, 2009

For Today - November 8, 2009 - Monday

Outside My Window. . . it is damp & muggy.

I am hearing. . . the A/C humming. Yes, it's November 9 & warm enough this morning to have the A/C on. Maybe it's needed because it's so muggy. Yeah - that's the reason.

I am thinking . . . that the house we're wanting to get is not a cottage, like I first's more like a cabin. Not a log cabin, but a cabin nonetheless. In the woods. Youngest grandson was correct when he called it a 'retreat'. He's exactly right!

I am grateful . . . for color. How boring life would be in a black & white world. God could have done that, you know. He could have made it all black & white & gray & kept all the great colors for Himself. I'm glad He shares.

I am wondering . . . what kind of medical report dear hubby will get. He had his annual blood work, & other tests done last week & goes today for the annual report. I'm going with him. He seldom asks questions & I usually have some!

From the kitchen . . . bananas, grapes, apples, spinach, onions, potatoes, etc. Lots of fresh produce to make smoothies & soups. I need to get more veggies & fruits in my diet...smoothies are an easy way for me to do so.

I am going . . . to resume laundry; meet hubby later in the morning to go to the doctor. Pray for my grandchildren.

I am wearing . . . pink nightgown.

I am reading . . . my Bible.

I am hoping . . . to find a good color scheme that works for the cabin in the woods. The living room has lots of windows, so doesn't need a very reflective color. On the other hand the other living area & our bedroom won't be getting lots of light due to position, trees & covered porch, so they'll need paint that reflects more light. This is fun. I love the planning. . . a lot more than the actual painting :)

Around the house . . . orderliness & tidiness. I got that taken care of the other day!

One of my favorite things . . . Color!

Something you may not know about me . . .well - what was I going to write? Almost every time I post a blog, I think of something you may not know about me...but when I come back to the blog I don't remember what it was. I guess I'll have to start writing them down.

About Today's Photo . . . another day w/o pix.

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