Thursday, November 12, 2009

For Today - November 12, 2009 - Thursday

Outside My Window. . . sunny & the fog is lifting. Really pretty with a predicted high of 73.

I am hearing. . . geese flying overhead.

I am thinking . . . that it's fun being almost 60 years old. And I keep getting confirmation that life is really, really good until about 80. 60's are still full of activities; 70's, I hear, is when we hit our stride, & then the 80's. Then the body really slows down. Of course, I'm hearing this from women 85-92 who still do yard-work, drive & have a life. But they know the time is coming when they can't do these things because of poor vision or slowed reflexes & I keep hearing, "but what will I do then?" None of thme are opposed to living to 100 - - - they just want to know what they're going to do once they get there. Good question!

I am grateful . . . for another day I don't have to leave the house. It's been go, go, go, for several days - ahem, make that weeks- that I've been going somewhere or the other & yesterday & today I get to stay home.

I am wondering . . . how much of my current stuff I'm willing to get rid of. Or more importantly am wilingl to take with me? Here's hoping the kids don't think we have a death wish, with getting rid of so much stuff! Don't worry, just take a look outside at all the plants I'm digging up to move with us - - - that is not the work of a person hoping to soon cross over to the other side!

From the kitchen . . . Earl Gray tea & graet big, fat, giant, juicy dark purple grapes. Mmmm.

I am going . . . to sweep/vacuum floors & dig up more plants. I've already dug a bunch of Aztec Gold day-lilies that originated in my mother's yard. And white irises, although I don't know where they're from. Today I hope to dig up some of the other day-lilies, all the Philippine & Easter lilies & some of the purple irises.

I am wearing . . . plaid pajama pants & a long sleeve gray t-shirt. I'm very, very comfy!

I am reading . . . "Color Your Life" by Elaine Ryan. Actually, I'm re-reading it. She has a fascinating theory about living with color in our homes.

She says we'll never really be comfortable in a room painted in a non-food color. If we'd be willing to put it in our mouth, we'll be happy living with it.

For example, she points out there's never been a paint color named, "Mousy Brown", but the same, exact color, called "Mushroom Taupe" will sell, if we like mushrooms. We're repulsed by the thought of eating a rat or a mouse, but if you simply adore mushrooms, you'd be happy living in a room painted that color.

I really do like bananas & I guess that's why I'm so fond of yellow? Grapes & pomegranates are also favorites of mine, as well as apples. . . . maybe that's why I'm so at ease with my red kitchen & kitchen den?

Not to mention that I absolutely LOVED a red dress I had as a little girl. It is one of the few dresses that was store-bought & it had a chiffon-type of layer & cute buttons & a big bow.

Mama made most of my clothes & she did a real bang-up job! She was an excellent seamstress & spent almost every summer sewing new clothes for school. But they were "school" clothes, which means they were very practical. Which is how things were back then: no silly (or vulgar) t-shirt slogans, no flip-flops, no tattoos or pretend tattoos, in fact no pants/slacks/jeans for girls back then. . . . not until I was in high school, & then only paint suits were allowed.

Anyway - grade school was starched & ironed cotton dresses & saddle oxfords. But there was a time before grade school that Mama bought me a pretty, red, dress with black piping around the Peter Pan collar. I need to ask her what the occasion was. Compared to everything else that I wore, it seems rather frivolous.

We were not raised on frivolity. No, not even a little bit. My good, hard-working parents would never be defined as frivolous people. Maybe that's why I like red . . . it represents frivolity to me? I guess I better hurry up with this post & call & ask mama about that dress!

I am hoping . . . that cedar mulch keeps snakes away. That's what we use in our flower beds here & we've never seen a snake in other areas of the yard, but not in the beds. The Cabin in the Woods has snakes, I'm certain of that! It also has two cedar trees that can come down, seeing as they BOTH are in the middle of two separate parking areas! I think we might rent a chipper & make our own mulch!

Oh - just as a side note, my cousin who is the the snake man in Texas, says there are 5 poisonous snakes in the United States . . . & all five live in east Texas. :(

Around the house . . . the floors need sweeping. Yesterday I wore cargo pants rolled up while outside digging in the yard & when I unrolled them to change into something else, a bunch of dirt fell out in the bathroom. I really do need to sweep!

One of my favorite things . . . understanding how things work. I don't always ask "why", but oftentimes wonder "how"?

Something you may not know about me . . . I'm scared of two things: Outliving my beloved husband of 40 years & snakes. In that order. And not too very much more!

About Today's Photo . . . a beautiful autumn day in east TX...taken last year. I think I'll have just as beautiful a walking trail at the new place.

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