Wednesday, November 4, 2009

For Today - November 4, 2009 - Wednesday

Outside My Window. . . it is another bright, sunshiny day with cool nights & warm days...perfect weather if you ask me! It must be perfect weather for the butterflies 'cause they are still out in force! Dozens & dozens flying around the lantana & other flowers.

I am hearing. . . a tractor cutting hay in a nearby field & birds chirping up a storm in the wild rose bushes.

I am thinking . . . that the economy is NOT getting any better. We are registering up to 9 new families per week at Good Samaritan. These are people who have never signed up for any assistance with us. Remember, we are a small town of about 5,000, so 18 - 25 new families per month is HUGE!

I am grateful (continued from yesterday's blog). . .that the "Cedar Cottage" (our name of the new place - at least for now)is not half the size of the current house. In fact it's 420 square feet smaller. I don't think we'll much miss the 81 SF that the hall now takes up. . . so in reality the new place is 339 square feet smaller. But I have to admit that the large dining room with 4 tables in it will be missed. It's great for large gatherings & it's perfect for scrap booking!

Anyway - back to the house. It ends up that we're acquaintances with the seller & friends with her grand daughter & her husband! The grand daughter is also one of the sellers!

They said they would prefer for us to be in it than a stranger & would be willing to take less to insure we get the house!

So we had the kids come down to look at it because like I said before they're the ones who are going to come out & take care of broken tree branches, etc., & have to sell it when we're unable to live by ourselves, etc.

So at 10 AM we all went to look at it ant they all loved it! JSS said it looks like a retreat! Isn't that a wonderful way to think of grandma's house?

EOS was busy making suggestions about how to make the kitchen more workable without spending a ton of money.

AME sat on the porch swing with AMS, chatting up a storm.

Men crawled beneath the house (which was dry, even though we recently had 7 - 10" of rain) to report that there is new plumbing & water pipes are wrapped & all looks fine.

Hubby measured rooms to draw out a floor plan for me.

DAE made suggestions how we could open up the dining area.

SLS played with Elanor in the yard & visited with the neighboring cows who came to see what was going on.

The house & yard was alive with activity & excitement & exclamations about how it was so very much us! And it was unanimous: sign the contract & let's seal the deal!

AME & her hubby went pick up my mom & bring her home for lunch, while the rest of us went home to put the finishing touches on lunch when we got the call: The Houston couple who looked at it at 9 AM submitted a contract!

Oh my! We were devastated! This was *our* house! We knew it! All of us knew it! It just felt so right! How could this be? TWO contracts in eight days? Who would have guessed?

Hubby called Ronnie & he said he'd talk to grandma & get back in touch with us.

At EOS suggestion we all gathered together & prayed for God's will to be done. And I was praying for Him to slam the door on my heart as I was more in love with Cedar Cottage than with the white house with black shutters!

It was without a doubt one of the longest 45 minutes I have ever endured! I'll always, always, always remember where I was when the call came: in my bedroom w/SLS & EOS, talking, surmising, & wondering what was going to happen.

In came my dear hubby of 40 years saying, "Ronnie says to 'be blessed', they're accepting our offer, even though the Houston couple offered more money". MLS asked if we needed to match it & he said "no - - - just be blessed". What an honorable man. A man whose "yes is yes, & no is no". What a wonderful object lesson for all of us.

He didn't offer & we didn't ask how much more they offered. Since it took more than 45 minutes for them to discuss it, I'm thinking maybe more than 1K? We'll never know . . . & we don't need to know. . . God is able to bless them much more than we ever could!

Closing should be on or before December 12 & we are ecstatic! We are also very humbled. But most of all we are grateful.

I am wondering . . . why people have voice recordings on their phones that always include, "...leave your name & number & I'll get back to you" & then they don't return the phone call? Exactly what part of "thou shalt not lie" do they not understand? :)

From the kitchen
. . . Onions, bananas, pears, apples & dirty dishes waiting to be washed. I'm out of dishwasher soap.

I am going . . . do some more GS paperwork, clean kitchen & continue purging stuff!

I am wearing . . . khaki cargo pants (Academy); orange v-neck 3/4 length sleeved t-shirt (JCP)& black fleece vest (Old Navy).

I am reading . . . my Bible.

I am hoping . . . we can make some of the kitchen changes before moving in.

Around the house . . . tablecloths to be folded; stuff to be taken to car to drop off at our church garage sale tomorrow; GS paperwork.

One of my favorite things . . . is my storybook life!

Something you may not know about me . . .

About Today's Photo . . . nope - no pix today!

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