Tuesday, November 3, 2009

For Today - November 3, 2009 - Tuesday

Outside My Window. . . is bright & sunny with coolness in the air. Butterflies are everywhere. roses, Mexican Leucantha, Blue Indigo Sage, Duranta, & yellow mums are blooming like crazy.

I am hearing. . . birds chirping, geese flying overhead & computer performing scandisk :)

I am thinking . . . about getting rid of furniture. There, I said it. Two 1950 type office desks, each with the cool typewriter turn around, will most likely have to go. And those fabulously comfortable blue leather reclining couch & love-seat are so darn big!

I am grateful (continued from yesterday's blog). . .

So, back to the house hunting drawing board! I got up the next Saturday & plugged our zip code into Realtors.com & there it was! A new listing! It said it was a real wife pleaser! The first thought in my mind was, "We may be an answer to someone's prayer". This thought was very quickly followed by, "This may be an answer to our prayer"!

We got in touch with the listing agent & later in the day drove out to see it. It's on a little more than 3/4 wooded acres but surrounded by pastures, without a neighbor in sight, unless you consider cows as neighbors! It's an old dogtrot house & at least 65 years old. The Realtor knows the 65 year old man who was born there!

You say you're not familiar with a dogtrot style home? Well, they were primarily built in Texas & Louisiana. A dogtrot has one room completely detached from the main house, separated by a porch, & sharing a common roof. I'm thinking a more modern version of it would be a breezeway. Anyway - in this house, the 2nd bedroom & bathroom our away from the main house. We're thinking that it originally was the kitchen because the current kitchen is added on & is very, very "quirky". I'll tell more about it later.

The main house has two living areas, one being very small), a very small dining room, bedroom & tiny, very quirky little kitchen! All the rooms, except the kitchen, have 10 foot ceilings with lots of closets & cupboards that go to the top of those 10 foot ceilings! Lots of double-paned windows, and more than a few built-ins. Only one is guaranteed to stay!

It comes with a wonderful porch, a deck, 2 car carport, storage shed & metal roof. And it's in the woods!

There are several negatives about this house: mainly the tiny, inefficient kitchen (I think the designer must have been hitting the moonshine!); and the fact that it does not have central air & heat. :( If you go back through my past blogs you will find several references made to my wonderful central air & heat. I am very fond of it & am not a big fan of window units.

In spite of the negatives, there are many more positive things about this house. As soon as we left I texted the kids, "We found the one!"

Remember I said we've been wanting to down-size? Well down-size we will do! I'm not for certain, but I'm thinking it's close to being half the size of our current home. It really doesn't matter because I don't want to spend my time house cleaning as I'd rather spend my time scrap-booking, quilting, gardening or taking photographs. Since I'm not a particular fan of house cleaning, the less house I have the less house I need tot clean!

In theory I love the idea of down-sizing. I've help move many people once across country) & I've helped clean out a house after the residents passed away. I've packed *stuff*, & I've hauled off so much *stuff* that the local thrift store asked me to please bring no more. I do not want my children to have to deal with an inordinate amount of *stuff*. I do not want to deal with an inordinate amount of *stuff* either!

So, in theory, I'm ecstatic about a small cottage in the woods! I'm not at all certain how well I will do in the practical application of this latest endeavor!

I'll write more tomorrow about why I'm grateful about this little house in the woods & how God showed Himself to us through circumstances. In the meantime, I need to go to Good Samaritan & pick up some produce to take to a young mom of 3 children. Her car isn't running & her hard-working husband is at work.

BTW - the 2005 HGTV Dream House in Tyler, TX was a dog trot, with the master bedroom completely detached from the house!

To find out more about dog-trot houses you can go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dogtrot_house

I am wondering . . . how long I'll have to stand in line for her produce.

From the kitchen
. . . On the counter is a floor plan of new house & little cutouts of our furniture. We've moved around furniture on a floor plan in every house we've ever lived in. Hopefully this will be the last time I need to do this.

I am going . . . to quickly tidy up before calling mom & heading out, but before that daughter & I need to work out the car situation!

I am wearing . . . black fleece pants with brown v-neck t-shirt.

I am reading . . . my Bible.

I am hoping . . . our big leather couch & love-seat will fit well in new home. I'm not too hopeful.

Around the house . . . a huge bouquet of roses, Mexican Leucantha, Blue Indigo Sage, & Duranta.

One of my favorite things . . . This attitude: "It's perfect! And if not it'll be just fine"!

Something you may not know about me . . . I may be moving the same time as daughter! Youngest son may regret coming to visit mid/end December - January! :)

About Today's Photo . . . the one built-in that is sure to stay!

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