Sunday, November 22, 2009

For Today - November 22, 2009 - Sunday

Outside My Window. . . it's dark & the roses are blooming. The "Belinda's Dream" is really pretty this time of year. It's a delicate pink rose. And the lantana & red salvia are doing their thing - which is attract butterflies! Indigo Salvia is blooming too & the nandina has gorgeous berries!

I am hearing. . . a football game on TV!

I am thinking . . . I am truly blessed! Daughter & her husband are coming tomorrow as well as two young friends, Tim & Christiy. I get to visit with them all for a couple of days before the Thanksgiving celebration! I'm always amazed that T & C are willing to spend part of their vacation time with us! And overjoyed! It will be fun having all 4 of them here. This will be the last time for this to happen as we'll be moved before there's another chance. A bittersweet time.

I am wondering . . .how people survive so much sorrow as Mary L has experienced. I can't fathom it.

From the kitchen . . . there's potatoes & yams, & a ham & boxes of cereal & a refrigerator full of food!

I am going . . . to bed in a little while. I'm planning to get up early & wash sheets & clean house before the young folks arrive. I'm taking mama to the doctor tomorrow afternoon. She not sick, we just want to visit with him before she needs him.

I am wearing . . . navy blue flannel jammies with snowflakes on them :)

I am reading
. . . Marcy's blog! Marcy is a friend from long ago & far away & I think she now lives in Florida, but I may be wrong. I'll find out more as I read & reconnect with her.

I am hoping . . . to really treasure this Thanksgiving week. This house has lots of Thanksgiving memories & I'm going to miss them. Of course we'll make new memories at the new house - - - but for now I'm going to enjoy making 2009 memories here!

Around the house . . . is a bustling busyness in anticipation of an exciting week!

One of my favorite things
. . . is having my kids home....the ones I gave birth to & the ones I've adopted!

Something you may not know about me . . . I never cook/prepare/fix a Sunday evening meal. Almost never. Not even when we have guests! They're welcome to scrounge through the refrigerator, but I never fix anything for anyone & seldom for myself!

About Today's Photo...This is the little red dogtrot that we'll soon be calling home. The door to the far right goes to the guest room & 2nd bathroom. The light beige rectangles contain signatures of past visitors, going far back in time. I think we may take photos of them, then repaint the whole thing!

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