Monday, November 2, 2009

For Today - November 2, 2009 - Monday

Outside My Window. . . currently it's dark because it's 5:19 AM & even with the time change it's not yet light out there! But once the sun is up & the day warms up there will be the sweetest smell of roses & sweet almond blossoms, & dozens upon dozens of butterflies. Autumn is most definitely butterfly season here!

I am hearing. . . DIL & daughter's alarm going off. They set it earlier than they need to & repeatedly hit the snooze button. I don't know how they can keep track of how many times they hit the snooze button & when it's really time to get up?!

I am thinking . . . about the events of this past weekend. It has been a real roller coaster!

I am grateful . . . that it appears we will soon be moving! Hubby & I have been looking off and on for the past several years but really got serious Labor Day weekend. We called in the kids to get their opinion about this move, because hopefully it will be the last one until we either die or become infirm! And it will be up to them to sell the house, etc., so we wanted their opinion about what they were & were not willing to do.

We were first interested in a piece of property 10 miles farther out of town: 11 acres with a creek & a house with only 2 closets & one bathroom, but had GREAT porches, hardwood floors, & a lot of 60 year old charm & those charming 11 acres of woods - - - with a creek! But then we realized we didn't want to live 10 minutes farther from my mom & daughter & what were we going to do with 11 acres anyway? So after the sellers accepted the offer, we started over with our search.

We looked in nearby towns; we looked at lake property; we looked & looked & finally realized we don't want to live in town unless it's our town. I was sharing this revelation to another volunteer at Good Samaritan & asked her about the house next to her that had been on the market but the for sale sign was now gone. No, she didn't think they had sold it.

Later that day I drove by it to find the address to contact the previous listing agent & lo & behold my friend was out mowing her yard & home owner was there moving stuff out! Friend introduced us, home owner said the contract with the Realtor had expired, but yes, she thought they were still interested in selling. In the meantime she & her family were living on 64 acres not too far away.

After calls & visits, etc., we were all set to buy the house! It's 6/10 of a mile from town, a huge lot with w/a fishing pond in the back & we had visions of walking to/from town, etc.

We saw God's fingerprints all over this. . . nice house (again with lots of 60 year old charm!), fishing pond, no neighbors super close, not Realtor fees to pay so they were able to come down on the price, etc., etc., etc. But in spite of all His fingerprints I prayed if this wasn't His best for us than please slam shut the door. . . no quietly, slowly creaking closed! Just slam it shut, please!?

Then it happened! The fingerprints started to get all smudged up. What was happening? It's a darling white house with black shutters & a front porch & had two bathrooms & closets! It was perfect! Perfect for us. What was that sound? Was it, could it be the door slamming shut?

It is now time to insert the Music Man quote " Well, ya got trouble, my friend. Right here, I say trouble right here in River City"! The husband called & said he was divorcing the wife & she & the children would be living in the white house with black shutters just 6/10 mile from our favorite little town in the whole world! No sale. No deal. Just like that it had slipped through our fingers!

I was devastated & indeed wouldn't believe it until I had spoken with the wife. Sure enough, it was true . . . the door had slammed shut. A might loud slam! Unfortunately my heart didn't get the message & I was in a real funk for a couple of days until I begged God to please slam shut the door on my heart. And He mercifully did!

So, back to the house hunting drawing board! I got up the next Saturday & plugged our zip code into & there it was! A new listing! It said it was a real wife pleaser! The first thought in my mind was, "We may be an answer to someone's prayer. This thought was very quickly followed by, "This may be an answer to our prayer"!

OK - that's all for now! I'll have to finish the post about gratefulness tomorrow because I need to fix breakfast for the kids who eventually will get up & take a photo of son-in-law. . . . it's for his job at the seminary.

I am wondering . . . how late hubby will be for his doctor appointment? He left the house 45 minutes late!

From the kitchen . . . Oatmeal, toast & tea. There's also cold cereal & milk.

I am going . . . to wash tablecloths, & either continue packing or go mess around in the yard. The butterflies may enjoy my company! I know I'll enjoy theirs.

I am wearing . . . navy blue flannel pajamas & socks.

I am reading . . . just my daily Bible reading.

I am hoping . . . it today is all that it's intended to be!

Around the house . . . a bunch of boxes gone as daughter-in-law took lots of books, puzzles & games! Dear daughter nabbed some too, but they're staying here until they get moved in December there's no need to move them to DFW only to bring them back to east TX in December!

One of my favorite things . . . is when God shows us glimpses of Him working in our lives. Of course He is always working - - - but He doesn't always give me eyes to see. But it's way cool when He does. And super way cool when He gives all of us, hubby, kids & grandkids, the eyes to see Him & His mercy, love & generosity!

Something you may not know about me . . . My wish list for a house isn't very long. One nonnegotiable was that it either comes with two potties or else a second bathroom add-on is in the near future. The second really important aspect was that it has good windows with great views & beautiful lighting. I want most of the windows facing south & east. . . I just love that light.

One can always remodel a home but even with the best of landscaping, it's hard to improve a dismal view from ones window!

About Today's Photo . . . no photo today as I really need to get busy with breakfast & set up a makeshift photo studio in the living room. Oh, how I love the early morning lighting in that room.

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