Wednesday, November 18, 2009

For Today - November 18, 2009 - Wednesday

Outside My Window. . . it's another glorious sunny autumn day!

I am hearing. . . the same thing I hear every morning: birds, TV in background, printer humming. I really ought to start blogging in the afternoon or evening!

I am thinking . . . that there may be a real art to down-sizing one's home and I may be a little deficient in that special talent!

There's lots of internet information & they all say the same thing: measure rooms & storage in new house & make a floor plan. Measure furniture & place on floor-plan. I've instinctively done this all my adult life; in fact I just threw out AME & KMS' "beds" since they've both left home since our last move! I'm guessing I'm not having as much trouble with the big stuff as I am having with the smaller stuff, although I've already given away lots & lots of books, games & puzzles.

Actually, on second thought, I really have done a great job of downsizing. The problem is that I've already gotten rid of lots of stuff & I'm thinking I still have too much & I'm not certain I want/can get rid of more.

Yep - that's the problem. I've down-sized all I want & I still have too much!

I am wondering . . .why hubby doesn't call me before he stops off at the store on his way home from work or church, etc.? It would be so easy to call & ask if I need anything. But NO - he comes home with bags of groceries that i don't need & I still have to go out the next day to buy the Crisco to make corn bread, etc.

I think I may know how to fix this, since asking him hasn't worked! I get the weekly household money (we used to call it the grocery money, but toilet paper & shampoo ain't groceries!) Once home from shopping, he leaves the receipts on the counter for me to reimburse him from the household budget. I think I'll just throw away the receipt if he didn't call before going shopping. Yep! That ought to fix it!

From the kitchen . . . the same as yesterday minus the toast.

I am going . . . to drop off donation to Good Sam & make a quick trip into the grocery store to by just a handful of items. Then I'll bake cornbread for next week's Thanksgiving stuffing & put into freezer. I learned from my mom to do all you can the week before so it's not so overwhelming on the special day & one can actually enjoy their guests!

I am wearing . . . navy pants, white turtle neck & red fleece vest.

I am reading
. . . about downsizing ones home.

I am hoping
. . . to host this type of Thanksgiving next year! Love it!

Around the house . . . boxes & cooking aromas!

One of my favorite things
. . . anticipation!

Something you may not know about me . . . Even though I'm doing a bit of complaining about down sizing I really, really want to! Because it is such a big desire, I know I'll be successful!

About Today's Photo: It's not mine - it's from This is how I want to host Thanksgiving next year at the new house!

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