Tuesday, November 17, 2009

For Today - November 17, 2009 - Tuesday

Outside My Window. . . it's about 40 degrees, low humidity & bright sun! Perfect November morning!

I am hearing. . . birds, TV in background, printer humming & keyboard clicking away!

I am thinking . . . it's a very small, small world. I was talking to an 85 year old lady at a recent baby shower & when I asked where she grew up she replied, "Flatonia". I told her my family was from down the road in Moulton & Shiner & then we really started yakking it up! Since Flatonia didn't have a high school, she was bussed to Moulton High. I told her my family's last name & she smiled really big & said she had a big crush on one of those boys . . . & it ended up being Uncle C!

A few days later I talked with Uncle C's son, who is the snake expert, and when we were through talking about how to deter snakes, I told him about the conversation. He was taking Uncle C to Moulton for Veterans' Day & started relaying my conversation with him. I said her first name was "Martha" but I'd have to spell her last name because I couldn't pronounce it, "O - K..." & Uncle C finished spelling it and exclaimed, "Boy! I was crazy about her!" Small world, huh? You need to realize Moulton has a population of about 690 . . . small, small, world!

Anyway - to make it even smaller, This Martha, who by the way is 85, wears her blouse tucked into her jeans, tosses a fabulous scarf around her neck & does her own yard-word & drives wherever she needs to go, is also friends with Mama's newest friend at the assisted living facility. Her name also is Martha. She's 91, wears 2 1/2 - 3" heels (has a bright red pair!), has perfect posture & drives herself to church & Wal-Mart! When I commented about her heels she smiled & said since no one told her she couldn't wear them . . . she wore them! Small, small world & lots of spry senior citizens in east Texas!

I am grateful . . . I got to go to grandson's 18 birthday party. I'm sure he would have had just as good a time without the grandparents there, but we had a blast! Hubby stayed all night, helping chaperon the boys. Since the alarm was set, hubby & son tried to get a little bit of sleep. Unfortunately they didn't realize the motion detector was on so about 5 AM, when some of the boys went down the hall to shoot pool, the alarm went off! It startled all of them, including Shiloh who spent the night with the boys! He started howling & carrying on! Which is kinda' funny because he seldom makes any noise at all!

I am wondering . . . Why they don't sell turkey wings all by themselves. I need them to make turkey broth for the Thanksgiving stuffing. Oldest son is going to deep fry a turkey & we're going to supply the ham. I'm also making the stuffing & need turkey broth for it. I guess I'll just stew up a bunch of chicken wings instead.

From the kitchen . . . oatmeal with almonds & cinnamon, toast & Earl Gray tea.

I am going . . . to sautee' veggies for next week's stuffing. I'll just freeze them for when they're needed.

I am wearing
. . . you're never going to believe this: pale pink flannel pajamas with
dark pink hearts! I am not a pink person . . . I pretty much detest the color. That & lavender! Blech! They were a very, very good buy & since I don't see myself in them, it's alright!

I am reading . . . everything I can about color. Designers said that "brown" is the new "black". Now they're saying "gray" is the new "brown". My hallway & bath are gray. . . . & have been thinking of painting some of rooms in the new house gray. We use lots of photos in our decorating & I've noticed that museums are always pale yellow or gray. I don't do too well with pale colors, so our "hall of frames" is gray & so is the bathroom.
So - we may continue with gray. Then again - - - maybe not!

I am hoping . . . to really clean house so I'm not messing with it next week, which is going to be busy. Daughter & hubby are coming Monday (YAY!), mama has a doctor's appointment on Monday (nothing wrong, just want to meet the doc before really needing him); Tuesday we get haircuts; Thursday is Thanksgiving! Yay!!!! Planning on mama coming over this Thursday to help with kolaches. I make some pretty good ones but she makes the BEST!

Around the house . . . floors need sweeping.

One of my favorite things . . . cold nights & warm days! Invigorating!

Something you may not know about me . . . even though we'll be moving farther away from town, we'll have high speed internet available to us because we'll have a different phone company who offers it.


  1. wow when you get high speed internet, you won't know what to do...... :)

  2. I love the story about Martha and Uncle C - that is SOOOO Crazy!!!

    Love you Love you Love you Love you See you Monday