Wednesday, June 16, 2010

For Today - June 16, 2010 - Wednesday

Outside My Window. . .See yesterday's post. And the day before. It will most likely remain *ditto* all summer long ;)

I Am Hearing
. . .A bird, high in the trees, calling. No one is calling back. But he is persistent!

I Am Wearing . . .khaki shorts & brown tee-shirt. And those bare feet!

I Am Thinking . . . I need to get off the computer & rehang a picture in the Nature Room. And maybe wash a load of clothes.

I Am Wondering . . .how boring it must be to be weatherman in east TX during the summer. Nothing much ever changes . . . unless there's a hurricane in the Gulf.

I Am Grateful. . . that supper is all taken care of!

From The Kitchen
. . . and supper is all taken care of because the pot roast is in the crock-pot. Mmmm - smells so good!

I Am Going. . . piddle in the Nature Room & continue reading. . . .

I Am (still) Reading . . . "Essential Oils Desk Reference" Do you know there's documented research that some essential oils are better at curing a staph infection than some antibiotics? Fascinating reading!

I Am Hoping
. . .to hear soon from our youngest son. It's been a while. And I miss him. Yes, this is the same as yesterday.

Around The House . . . are nice smells!

One Of My Favorite Things
. . .is the solid, loving relationships my married children have with their spouses.

Something You May Not Know About Me
. . . I dislike the term *mate* when referring to ones spouse. I know it's PC - but I much prefer spouse. *Mate* makes me think of dogs.

Today's Photo. . . a corner of the Nature Room.

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