Sunday, June 27, 2010

For Today - June 27, 2010 - Sunday

Outside My Window. . .Hot & sunny.

The potting bench area is all nice & tidy. I spent all yesterday making sense of all the clay pots, enamel pots & pans & signs...although I haven't yet hung the signs as I'm concerned the area might look too busy. But the area looks much neater, that's for sure.

I Am Hearing . . .Country/western music coming from the living room TV. No one is in there watching. . . . I have no idea what the show is. . . but there is a definite C/W twang going on in there!

I Am Wearing . . .pink nightgown. I wrenched my back yesterday, hauling yard *stuff*, including a few concrete pieces & I've been very extremely lazy today, not bothering to get dressed.

I Am Thinking . . . I need to wash dishes. We don't have a dish washer & since my back is feeling better this afternoon, I really ought to go do them. They're not going to wash themselves & no one else is going to wash them, that's for sure!

I Am Wondering . . .why a person would think that just because a woman is a keeper at home (Titus2: 4-5), that person doesn't have a life. And odd position for a Christian person to have, in my opinion.

I Am Grateful. . . my hubby picked up my little bottle of Pan-Away & gave me a short back massage w/just 3-4 drops & wow, I sure do feel a lot better. And I didn't have to take any Tylenol, or any ibuprofen products. I realize this may not always be the case - but I am grateful the Essential Oil plus an old fashioned soak in Epsom salt have given significant relief.

From The Kitchen
. . . sausage kolaches. We cleaned out the freezer & found a package. Hubby is happy.

I Am Going. . . to clean the kitchen.

I Am (still) Reading . . . There's no way to change this up - - - I have much to learn & will continue reading "Essential Oils Desk Reference"

I Am Hoping
. . .back continues to feel A-okay.

Around The House . . . floors desperately need sweeping/vacuuming.

One Of My Favorite Things
. . .no pain!

Something You May Not Know About Me
. . . I seldom, if ever, take medication. If I die or complicate a physical ailment it will be because of what I chose not to do. So far my choices have proven, over time, to be for the better. This may not always be true. . . . but for now it is.

Today's Photo. . . .How can daisies look so fresh in this horrible heat???? Today's predicted high is 97 degrees & with the heat index will feel well over 100!!!!

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  1. Great pic of the daisy!

    And glad you're feeling better with the Pan Away!